Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ambulance Chaser...

One of my favorite things to do is to follow an ambulance down the main drag in our town. Yes, I admit it, I am an ambulance chaser. But not for the reason most people chase ambulances. I do it so I can write tickets to the people who don't yield to the lights and sirens.

It drives me absolutely nucking futs when people stop in front of me when I'm running code 3. Citing them for stopping in front of an ambulance is just my way of giving a little bit back.

I was following an ambulance one recent afternoon, when an SUV stopped in the middle of the number one lane. The two right lanes were completely open for her to pull over, as every other car around her had already done. The driver looked like she was angry at the ambulance for inconveniencing her. After 15 seconds or so, she finally pulled into the left turn pocket and stopped at the limit line as the ambulance went past her.

When the arrow turned green I lit her up, and again she stopped right in the middle of the traffic lanes. I had to tell her over the PA to make the left turn and pull over. She finally made the turn, THEN KEPT GOING. I hit the siren and she finally found a clue (I think it might have been rolling around on the floorboard but I'm not sure). She pulled into a gas station and stopped, not leaving enough room for my patrol car to pull in behind her.

I walked up to her window and explained the reason for the stop. Her response was that she knew the law. When she saw the lights, she stopped, just like she was supposed to. I eventually ended up busting out with my vehicle code and letting her read the section before she would believe she was supposed to pull to the right first, then stop.

So, anyway, I was back at my patrol car, in the middle of the street, writing her a ticket, and she started driving away. It must have been pretty friggin' funny to see me running after her, pounding on the side of her car with my hand and telling her to stop. Then she wants to yell at me for hitting her car. She should be thankful I only used my hand, instead of a flashlight or a baton.


Liz said...

Unfreakingbelievable! Yet funny. And a great story.

sash said...

Thank you!!! Some people actually have the attitude of; dying people be damned, I am more important! (I'm a EMT)

Jeffrey said...

This will become one of my favorite activites in the future..