Friday, October 5, 2007

Here we go again with the internet lawyers...

While I was in traffic court yesterday, I was listening to the testimony of another officer who had been working an intersection with a no u-turn sign. The defendant asked the officer if he thought he was in plain sight when he was monitoring the intersection. The officer replied that he believed he WAS in plain sight, as he could see the entire intersection from his observation point.

The defendant went on to claim that the officer was sitting behind some bushes, and she didn't feel that was right because the officer was hiding. She said that was "entrapment". OH MY GOD! I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut in the courtroom. I wanted to catch her outside the courtroom and show her the definition of entrapment.

The definition of entrapment is when the police entice or coerce you to do some illegal act you would not normally do. Like, hey man, you wanna buy some weed? No thanks. You sure? It's good stuff, you'll like it. I don't smoke weed. Awww come on man, I'm just trying to feed my family. Fine, I'll take a small bag. You're under arrest. THAT would be entrapment. As I said waaaay down there \/ somewhere, hiding is just good police work.

The implication there is that you would not have run the stop sign, made the illegal u-turn, or exceeded the speed limit if there had been a police car where you could see it. Well, I want to know what you would do when the cops AREN'T around. That's why I hide.

Entrapment, give me a friggin' break. If you're an internet lawyer, at least make sure you know what the hell you're talking about before you make a complete ass of yourself in court. So, let's see, that's entrapment and speed trap so far. I can't wait for the next butchered legal term. What's next?

By the way, PEOPLE get ROBBED. HOUSES get BURGLARIZED. A house cannot get robbed. Just for your information.

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