Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lurn Two Spel...

While reading a forum I regularly read, I noticed I get all wound up when I read someone's writing and find misspelled words. Less so with forum or blog posts, and more with reports, especially when we have spell checker. As for instant messenger, I don't even think twice about misspelling there, those things have a language all their own. A few that regularly pop up:

1) Definitely (Not definately, definitly, or defanitely)
2) Congratulations (Not congradulations, congraduations, or congratiulations)
3) Miscellaneous (Not miscleaneous, micsellaneous, or missleanus)
4) Paraphernalia (Not paraphenala, perifenalia, or parrafinalia)
5) Etcetera (Not excetera, etcettera, or essettera)
6) Methamphetamine (Not methaphetamine, methafetamine, or methylphentermine)
7) Camaro (Not Camero, Comaro, or Camery)
8) Exactly (Not exacly, eggzactly, or exsactly)
9) Attached (Not attatched, atached, or atatcht)
10) Unconscious (Not unconcious, unconchus, or unconnsus)

I guess it just bugs me that some people do not feel the need to proofread or spell check, and are content to make themselves sound like an ass. Just my opinion.

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