Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Parking...

I saw a car today that was parked in a crosswalk. When I stopped, I noticed the rear of the car extended into a red zone..... and the front of the car poked out into a driveway. Oh, and the wheels were well over 18 inches from the curb. I can only think of two places in the city where you can do that with a friggin' Saturn. This person miraculously picked the exact right spot. A foot forward and the red zone would have been clear. A foot backward and the driveway would have been clear. It's always fun to see how many lines I can fill up on one ticket.

Which brings me to another point. If you are going to park your car illegally, don't turn on your hazard flashers. People think the hazards make it okay to park illegally. All the flashing lights do is attract my attention. They absolutely SCREAM "Hey, come write me a ticket".

My favorite parking ticket to write is disabled parking without a placard. I have twice written parking tickets to two cars in disabled parking stalls, and finished with a third ticket for the car that was parked in the wheelchair access area between the stalls. Three in a row... line em up, knock em down. I love it!


WW said...

You sound exactly like my boyfriend. He's a community safety officer here and does "everything that doesn't require a sworn officer" (his words) for the police department. But he does love to write parking tickets (one of the main things they do).
We went back to his parents place for Christmas and while we were out shopping, we saw a truck 'parked' with his hazards on, taking up part of 4 handicap stalls, and my bf was saying if he was back here, he would have written them for all 4 stalls. Just cause this guy had to park like a jackass, to go inside and grab himself an energy drink from an outdoors store.
Love your blog, I'm working on reading your back posts at the moment, but love it so far, and plan to keep on reading.

Robert said...

I'm a volunteer doing disabled parking enforcement. I see four-way flashers going on an obviously illegally parked vehicle and it never ceases to puzzle me as to what these people think they are doing. Hiding in plain sight? Sigh.