Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Pet Peeve...

One of my pet peeves is those stupid little colored lights in the windshield washers on the hood of some cars. The cars do not come equipped with these lights. I have seen red and yellow ones, but the most common ones in my area are blue. I stop every car I see with those lights.

You cannot have blue lights in this state. Period. Only I get to have blue lights. You also can't have red lights showing to the front of your vehicle. The common response is "Well, they sold them to me at Kragen". I really don't give a tinker's damn if you CAN buy the things at Kragen. You can also buy those stupid clear plastic license plate covers there, but those are no more legal to have on your car than the blue lights.

Read the packages before you put anything aftermarket on your car. There is likely a label somewhere, possibly in microscopic print but there nonetheless, that says "this item may not be legal for on road use. Check your local laws before installing this product."

A little knowledge goes a long way.


Black Ice said... this vein, I have a question that's been puzzling me, and I can think of no better person to ask than a High Priest of Traffic Laws.

I live in Arizona. Arizona only issues one license plate. California issues two, and I assume they must be displayed front and rear.

Now, I'm pretty sure that if I were to drive into CA, you couldn't tag me for not having a front plate. Following this example, if a vehicle is legal in every way in the state where it's registered, can they still be written up for not following the vehicle code of another state, or does this violate the Full Faith and Credit Clause?

I appreciate that this might be a fairly murky area, but I'd like to know your thoughts.

Moose said...

I never understand the appeal of these silly tchochkes.

That said, it's also illegal to drive around (in probably every bloomin' state) with something dangling from your rear-view mirror but sooo many cars do it. It's not just the little danglies that scare me it's the big huge DISABLED PARKING TAGS. Holy moly, just advertise I CAN'T SEE YOU I'M A DISABLED NITWIT. [I have one, when the car is moving it sits in my bag or in the armrest-hump thingy.]

In a related note, in Pennsylvania disabled-people license plates say PD on them. I've always translated this into "Pinhead Driving" because 9 times out of 10 I wind up fearing for my safety and/or life around that driver.

Hi. :)

Officer "Smith" said...

Black Ice,

If it's legal in the state where the car is registered, we will generally let it slide while the vehicle is in this state. The bigger problem we run into is the folks who move here from out of state and leave their cars registered to their old address so they can keep the illegal stuff on them.

As for trucks, those are regulated pretty much the same throughout North America. If your truck is legal in AZ, it's probably legal in CA too.

Amanda said...

YES thank you!! I hate when you see those guys with all the unecessary crap on their cars, that they KNOW is illegal. where I am, the license plate cover is super common cause red lights don't mean anything to Virginians.

Anonymous said...

Wow...interesting. I didn't know about these things. Keep the info coming!

Black Ice said...

"The bigger problem we run into is the folks who move here from out of state and leave their cars registered to their old address so they can keep the illegal stuff on them."

Oh yeah...or folks with two-stroker dirt bikes who get them street-legal for AZ (not too hard) and take 'em back across the border. I've heard of that happening a lot.