Thursday, October 18, 2007

Same S#!t, Different Day...

Then there was the fool who drove around the cop and the police car, and over the downed power line lying in the street.

When he got to my end of the closure I flagged him over and asked him for his license. He told me he didn't see the other officer telling him not to go through. I refrained from questioning his lineage and just cited him. He was torqued off because I took a moment out of his day.

When I was handing him the ticket, a bus came tooling down the wrong side of the same street around the roadblock. My driver asked "I bet you're not going to cite him!" I said "You know, as a matter of fact I am! Drive carefully." Then I walked away from him and flagged the bus over.

Stupid people = Job security. Have I said that somewhere before?

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