Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Do You Live Where You Work?

I do not live in the city where I work, nor would I want to. It's quite bad enough that my neighbors know I'm a cop. At least they know I don't work here, so they don't call me instead of the local coppers.

Knowing what I know about the city where I work, I wouldn't want to live there. The crime rate, the knuckleheads who pass through, the schools.... No, thank you.

I also wouldn't want to work where I live. Not that I have anything against the PD here. I just wouldn't want to have to arrest my neighbors. Also, I wouldn't want to run into the people on my off time, that I arrested while I was working.

I suppose living where you work does have some advantages. A really short commute for one thing. But it's just not for me.


USAincognito said...

Unfortunately, I live 1 block from headquarters. *sigh* Not much of a choice. When I first was offered the job, I literally had 5 days to find a place, pack, and move. I do not like living in the same town I work nor do I like living so close either. But, the housing market around here is not buyer friendly right now. Prices are just outrageous!! So I continue to stay where I am and continue watching the housing market in a city nearby where I really hope to move to someday. (and soon!!)
The neighbors next to me are ALWAYS in my business. And they expect me to be their personal "watch dog" service and arrest everyone that takes one step onto their lawn. *sigh* They hate children and want me to arrest all the children in the neighbor. For what, you may ask? For having fun and playing! *rolling my eyes* Um, yeah....time to move!!! And time for my neighbors to stop being so pesky!!

Officer "Smith" said...

Being that close to the PD, you would think it would be just as easy for them to call the ON DUTY police instead of bothering their neighbor. Well, that exactly proves my point about not living where I work.

It's good to see you back.

Liz said...

I like walking to work. Thankfully, my neighbors are other Rangers so they don't hassle me for anything. If only people could understand what it means when I say, "I work nights."

Officer "Smith" said...

While working nights, I get very good at sleeping through telephones, gas powered leaf blowers, and garbage trucks. If my neighbors want to bother me during the day, they have to get through "Mrs. Smith" first. She is very good at running interference for me when I'm sleeping during the day.

5150Wife said...

I know this is a way old post, but I wanted to chime in...

It's kinda funny how different parts of the country have differing points of view on this issue for LEO's.

When we lived in SoCal, my JD (and all other LEO's from what I hear) were actually discouraged from living in the same city where they worked. Primarily for their own safety & the safety of their families. The departments flat-out did NOT want their officers to live in the town where they worked.

Where we live now, it's a totally different way of thinking. Crimes of revenge, drive by's, and home invasions are unheard of. (gangs & tagging & whatnot are non-existent too). Maybe that's why the dept's out here feel it's ok for the officers to live in town and WANT them to do so.

We've found it interesting how differently the departments themselves view it, depending on the "culture" of the area.