Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde....

It seems I have been encountering a lot of these lately. I stop a car and contact the driver, who is just as pleasant as can be. We chat a bit about what they've done and why it was unsafe. And just when I think it's going to be a smooth and effortless contact, I return with the ticket and my driver goes from Jekyll to Hyde.

I had one today. This woman turned across a divided highway and I stopped her. I explained why the turn was unsafe and she explained why she had done it. She told me how stupid she was for making the turn, and explained that she didn't know the turn was illegal but she understood. We spoke pleasantly for a minute or so, then I went back to my car to write the citation.

I returned to her window, and she was spun because I was citing her. She threw her wallet across the car and started yelling at me. Whoa, wait a second. Where did the lady go that I was talking with just a minute ago. She looked like the same person. The picture on her driver's license still matched her face. But, her attitude now stunk. Did she think I was going to waste my time chatting her up and then not cite her? Humph!

Last week, I stopped a gentleman (so I thought) for speeding. I locked him at 49 miles per hour on the radar, in a school zone. We talked for a minute and he was very pleasant. When I returned to his window with my cite book, he wigged out. "What!? You're going to cite me!?" Well, ummm, yeah, I am. "Just give me the f@*#ing ticket so I can get outta here!!" Uhhhhhhh, Sir yes SIR! 24 miles over the limit, in a school zone no less, and he wants to get all wiggy with ME?! Press hard, there are three copies.

It's fun to work these folks. They rarely ever sign their signature the way it is on their license. They just scribble something on the line. I make them sign it again. That really spins them out. Then while I'm tearing out their copy, I explain the whooooooole court process, from beginning to end. They get really tired of hearing my voice, but I tell them what I need to tell them. Then, and only then, do I hand them the ticket. Then I step back to avoid having my toes run over. I walk back to my car laughing, while they drive away steaming. I don't do this to 99% of the people I contact. But the 1% sure are fun.

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USAincognito said...

lol! Your commentary on these type of traffic stops is hilarious! You are right, though...one moment they are happy and chatty but as soon as they find out they really are getting a ticket, they become irrate and pretty much *ssholes. As if chatting with an officer is really going to help them get out of a ticket! Puh-lease!