Monday, November 5, 2007

We is Finta Exscape from dis Nucular Lieberry...

It drives me absolutely nuts when people mispronounce simple words, or use "non-words". Here are a few of my "favorites":

Nucular (new-cue-lar)

Axe (As in, I'm gonna axe my momma for a dollar)

Lieberry (Like, I'm going to the lieberry to check out some books)


Unloosen (What, are you tightening it?)




Cadillac converter, or cathalatic converter

Febuary (You know, the month after January)

Dethaw (Refreeze?)

Hella (As in, that's hella cool. Hella is a fog light manufacturer dammit!)

Finta. This one has evolved over the years. When I was a kid we were fixin' to do something. Then it slowly became "fittin ta" do something. Now, we are "finta" do something. It's even working its way toward "finna".

I have no problem with slang. I have talked about bustin' a cap, or knocking the "bling" right offa your grill. But, there's a difference between slang, and a simple lack of intelligence.

On that note, I'm all up out this beatch. Ha! I'm killin' my spell checker with this post!

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