Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Pet Peeve...

I was in line behind a guy at Safeway yesterday, who thought it okay to put his item at the beginning of the empty conveyor belt, and stand right there blocking me from putting my heavy items down. He kept looking back, so he knew I was there. He just didn't feel it necessary to move his little gravy packets forward and put the stupid little plastic bar down so I could put my 12 pack of Coke and 9 pounds of dishwasher detergent on the damned belt. All he had to do was close a little of the ten feet of vacant space between him and the person ahead of him.

Inconsiderate people like this just spin me out. He stood there until the person ahead of him was finished, then he stepped forward and handed the gravy to the checker. I made it a point to place my stuff right at the far end of the belt, leaving ample room for the woman behind me to put her things on the belt. I put the plastic thing down (what the hell do they call those anyway? Is there a name for them or are they just "the plastic bar thingy?), and I said rather loudly, "Here you go, I left room for you".

I don't know if the guy felt some need to piss me off personally, if he just acts like that to everyone, or if it was just an unintentional oversight on his part. I don't think I wrote him a ticket recently, and I was off duty anyway, but I guess some people aren't happy unless they are inconveniencing someone else.

Then there's the people who go to the express line with more than 15 items... but I digress. That's a rant in and of itself.

Whatever blows yer kilt up I suppose.


Officer Wright said...

Geez, do I have a story about the express line.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

They are called "dividers", dear. And, I know what you mean...

USAincognito said...

I call them the little gray thingies, too. ;)
Pet peeve for me is drivers who tail you FOREVER, then pass you only to SLOW WAY DOWN once they are in front of you. Now that is enough to make me want to pull my hair out!!

Lyle said...

basically, any act of blatant inconsideration gets my blood boiling.

i can kind of understand the plastic divider thing, and how that can happen without any malice. not saying your guy wasn't being an a$$. but, you're thinking about if you forgot anything, you're thinking about what card you're gonna use,you're thinking about how happy you are to get the shopping done, you're thinking that the clerk is gonna automatically start the conveyor to get your stuff closer, etc.

my pet peeve is when you're turning into a street and there's a crosswalk where a pedestrian has the right of way, but proceeds to completely crawl across the street as you're sitting there in traffic, waiting for them to get across.

'no, no, really, take your time. crazy thing... the world actually DOES revolve around you. i actually have nothing else to do today, and to top that off, the first thing i thought about when i woke up this morning was watching people walk across a cross walk at a snail's pace! my day is now complete!'