Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Up to my Neck in Toys...

You never really notice how many things your kids get for Christmas each year, until they come up to you the day AFTER Christmas and ask you "Since it's the last day of Christmas, can we go to Target and I can get an R/C car with the gift card Gramma gave me?"

The last day of Christmas. They have been getting Christmas presents since last week. To them, there's more than one day of Christmas. Less than twelve... but more than one.

As I sit here, I'm looking at a pile of shopping bags that stretches at least four feet by four feet, and most of it is theirs. I got some things I wanted, and Mrs. Smith got some things she wanted, but the kids got EVERYTHING imaginable. You already can't see the friggin' floor in their room, and now there's more!!

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It happens exactly the same way every year. I suppose I just have a short memory, and when the Christmas madness is over, my mind is fried. From now until New Year's Day, I can't remember things from one minute to the next. I have 364 days each year to forget...

Ummm, what was I saying?

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USAincognito said...

lol!! Sounds like your children had a great Christmas! :)
Looking forward to the end of the holidays as my brain is needing to recover from all the running around. ;)