Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merriam Freakin' Webster ROCKS!!!

I love words. I have been known to sit and read the dictionary just to learn a few new words. For some reason, there are some words that just really appeal to me. Some aren't necessarily terribly interesting in their definitions, but they just sound cool. Then there are some that have a really impressive meaning.

Speculate - Speculate is a great word. Smith speculated Jones may have taken the wallet. It just sounds neat.

Shat - I shall never forget the first time my sergeant used this word. "He shat all over himself. Isn't that a great word? Shat." I love it.

Vacuous - "Is she really as vacuous as she seems?"

Tittering - This is a fun one. If you want to make a class of full fourth graders titter uncontrollably, just say "The class full of fourth graders was tittering uncontrollably".

Cantankerous - "He's a cantankerous old coot, ain't he?"

Perhaps - I use this one a lot, probably several times a day. I just think it sounds classy. Perhaps you should stop next time and I won't write you the ticket. Perhaps we should go to lunch. I even throw it at the kids sometimes. Well, if you don't whack your brother, perhaps you won't get in trouble!

Efficacious - Mrs. "Smith" uses this one a lot. The use of this word can be most efficacious.

Outstanding - This one is a staple of law enforcement.

Contemplate - Ranks right up there with speculate.

Periphery - Makes you sound really highfalutin. Speaking of which...

Highfalutin - Not used very often, maybe because it's another one of those derned highfalutin words.

Dolt - I like this one. You can use it in front of the kids.

Imbecile - Another useful one when driving.

Consternation - My normal state while dealing with my kids.

Preposterous - Another one that makes you sound highfalutin.

Pontificate - I hate it when people do this to me on traffic stops.

Blather - I'd rather have them do this.

Recalcitrant - My kids

Niggardly - It means cheap, like tightwad.

Gibberish - What my youngest has been talking lately.

Interminable - Kinda like this list.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone - An ingredient in shampoo.

Putrefaction - Not a pretty process, but a neat sounding word nonetheless.

Nonetheless - Yet another highfalutin word.

Dastardly - One of my favorite characters on Bullwinkle was Dick Dastardly

Palpitate - A fancy way of saying feel.

Subsequently - Just don't ever use this one at the end of a sentence. It should be "I subsequently arrested the suspect", not "I arrested the suspect subsequently". That one will spin Mrs. Smith out.

I could go on forever with this list, but I'll desist (another good one) as it's getting a bit ponderous (yet another). I hope you all find this list beneficial (I'm on a freakin' roll over here aren't I?) to your vocabulary (man I just don't quit).

Have a spectacular day...


USAincognito said...

Love it! :)

5150Wife said...

Dude! Ya' gotta get a life!
LOL just kiddin'

My all-time favorite word: endoplasmic reticulum
well, it's really two words. I have no occasion whatsoever to ever use it. But still, I love how it rolls off the tongue.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Acetabulum is a fav of mine, so is "dork", (look it up, it means whale penis!!). Scrabble around here is lots of fun! ;)

Officer "Smith" said...

I have been thinking of more. I sense a sequel coming...

Robert said...

Do you mean "palpate" instead of "palpitate"? Hey, I can be padantic, too!