Sunday, December 23, 2007


I have a habit that seems weird to some. I know what you're thinking... now get your mind out of the gutter.

What I like to do, is open the vehicle code book to a random page at the beginning of my shift. I look at the sections on that page, and find one that particularly interests me, then I try to write a ticket for that section some time during my workday.

Occasionally I have been known to open the book and just start reading. I have found things in there that I didn't even know were illegal. Hey, I didn't know you couldn't do that!! Like I said before, knowledge is power.

Strange? Maybe. But it keeps my job interesting, and I learn new stuff every time. Just one of many little quirks I have.


USAincognito said...

I don't think it is strange at all. I have read our traffic/criminal code book from front to back at least 5 times just for the fun of it! And on my time off, at that! lol.
I still like to pull it out and start reading at random spots like you. Every time I read, I learn something.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing