Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'll Get Him Tomorrow...

Today I got punked. I stopped a guy for speeding, and discovered he didn't have a license because he is illegal. I could have towed the car, but since it was his uncle's car, and he had no prior driving record (according to dispatch), I elected to let him call his uncle to pick up the car. He started down the on ramp, and I drove onto the freeway.

After taking the next exit and doubling back on the frontage road, I noticed his car was gone. SON OF A BITCH!! I got back on the freeway and went weaving through traffic all the way to the interchange, but he was in the wind. I was spun for the rest of the friggin' day.

I ran him out myself later, and I discovered the dispatcher had run him out incorrectly. He has two prior convictions for driving without a license, and his license is now suspended. Funny how the DMV can suspend a license you don't even have huh?

That's okay though. I know where he lives. What am I going to do now? I'm gonna sit on his car tomorrow morning and wait for him to drive away. Them I'm going to put the stop on him again, and hook him up for driving without a license, because he obviously didn't learn from the citation I wrote him today.

Do I have a low tolerance for illegals? Yes I do.

How do you say "So there.... asshole" in Spanish?


TheBronze said...


Go to my blog and send me an email, will ya?

Officer Wright said...

babelfish says the translations is:

tan alli, asshole

I guess asshole is universally understood.

5150Wife said...

"Asshole" in Spanish is "pendejo".

Not to be confused with "vendejo", which means dickhead.

In this particular case,I think you could use them interchangeably.

Go get 'em!

USAincognito said...

Si, "asshole" en espanol es pendejo.
Hablo espanol pequito. :)

I do have a funny story actually to share with you in regards to stopping a driver who may/may not be an illegal.
Usually, when I pull someone over who turns out to be Hispanic, the first thing they start saying is "Me no speak English" or "No English."
My response? I say..."Aww, that's too bad cause if you could have told me the color of your shoes I was gonna let you go."
And sure enough, the guy will look down at his shoes. BUSTED!!!
A sure way to tell if the person really does pr doesn't speak/understand every time! And the person can only shake their head after realizing they just got played. ;)

5150Wife said...

Cognito - that's classic! Love it! I gotta pass that little tip along to my JD.

Officer "Smith" said...

When I get "No speakie English" I usually fake keying my radio and say I need a tow truck because I'm arresting the driver and I'm going to tow the car.

It's amazing how fast they learn English after that.

USAincognito said...

That's another good one! I will have to start mixing it up a bit with both of those now! ;)