Friday, January 11, 2008

You're Not Real Bright Are You?

I was just watching COPS (yes, I know, a cop who watches COPS right?) and I was reminded of another one of my pet peeves. I have a lot of them ya' know? Not that I really expect the criminal element to read my cop blog, but I'll throw this out there anyway. Just in case...

If you are caught in the commission of a felony (that would be things like robbery, burglary, auto theft, murder, etc.) and the police tell you to get down on the ground... for God's sake, GET DOWN ON THE GROUND.

DO NOT reach for your waistband, even to pull your pants up.

DO NOT get on your knees and stay there.

DO NOT gripe that the ground is wet and you don't want to get down in it. You are going to get down in it whether you want to or not. Either under your own power, or under mine with a shoe print on your back, so just save us both the trouble and prone yourself out okay?

DO NOT turn around and walk toward the copper who's telling you to get down.

I know it's a stretch, but we really do expect you to get down on your face when we tell you to. Yes... the cops, the lights, the guns and the dogs are serious.

So, on that note...


Just checking...

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USAincognito said...

Last night, we had to order a car full of dopers out one at a time. Of course, when we told each one to "get on the ground" they all decided to put up a fight. Especially one of them - he thought he could make a run for it. Stupid doper!! The dog got him then and of course we then MADE him "get on the ground." If only they would just comply the first time we give the sure would save them from getting a dog bite or a shoeprint.