Saturday, February 16, 2008


PITA = Pain in the Ass

I was covering another officer on a car stop today, when we came upon another one of those ACLU / NAACP pukes who like to "observe". I have no problem with people watching my stops. I have nothing to hide. What bugs me is when these "people" walk up to me while my partner is scratching out the cite and ask me some stupid question like "Is the young brotha free to go?"

My response in this case was "Nope. Not until his citation is completed." The "observer" then proceeded to walk up to the driver's window and attempt to talk to the driver. He got about half a word out before I was at him.

Me: Sir! Do you know this young man?

Him: No.

Me: Oh, because he needs someone with a license to drive his car away, since we aren't going to tow it.

Him: No, I don't know him.

Me: Then I'd suggest you step back before you become part of this traffic stop.

Him (To the driver): I'd like to talk with you when they're done.

Fortunately he elected to walk back across the street to his perch before I arrested him for obstructing.

It just bugs the shit out of me when these kinds of folks feel the need to insert themselves into something that does not involve them. Why does this man, who has no idea who this driver is, no idea why we have stopped him, and no idea what we are doing, feel like he has to stick his nose where it does not belong?

I'm sure this guy has had some negative experience with some police officer somewhere that has permanently skewed his views of all police officers. Surely he thinks we were trampling the civil rights of this fine upstanding young black man by stopping him for driving a car with no license plates and a cracked windshield, oh, and with a suspended license and no insurance.

I often wonder what thought process takes place leading these people to do this. Do they truly think we stopped this kid because he was black? Does he think we wouldn't have stopped a white, Hispanic or Asian person for the same damned thing? Does he really think we are racist pigs?

I bet if the driver we stopped WAS white, Hispanic or Asian, this fool couldn't have been bothered to take a second look. I don't understand why some black people insist upon equal treatment, then bitch when they get stopped for something I would stop anyone else for. Do you want equal treatment? Or is it only when it's positive treatment? Even my black friends and co-workers can't answer this one for me. They think it's just as crazy.

I'm sure this guy today would be absolutely shocked to find that I have friends who are black. He would most certainly have something to say to them too. Just so much bullshit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some civil rights to trample...


Mrs. "Smith" said...

Trample away, babe, I'll shine your boots.

Officer "Smith" said...

And THAT'S why I love you!

USAincognito said...

He's lucky he didn't get arrested for interferring with official police acts. Up here, we have no tolerance for that kind of crap. Pretty much, we give one warning to a bystander to move on. If they do not listen, they find out what it is like to taste asphalt and get their butts hauled off to jail. Kudos to you for at least having the patience as long as you did!
My response to people who accuse me of being racist during a stop: "I ain't racist. I hate everybody!" Usually shuts them up as they have no response.

justusforall said...

Hell yeah mean, you tell that mofo off! He's more rascist than any cop out there. Why is it ok to be prejudiced against whites but not vice versa?

USAincognito said...

I will back Mr. Smith 100% on how he does his job. I may work in another state but we are all in this together. I'd take a bullet for him or any other officer!!!

Officer "Smith" said...

I thought he was agreeing with me. Did I read it wrong?

USAincognito said...

Maybe I did....I could have as I was trying to pry my eyes open while reading/posting that day. ;)