Friday, March 7, 2008

This One Too...

I felt the need to e-mail these folks. Here is the content of that e-mail for your reading enjoyment:

To whom this concerns,

I wonder if you have truly given enough thought to your activities with this web site. Do you truly think people are going to post both the good AND the bad on your site? I have my doubts. I would bet people are more likely to post their negative contacts far more often than their positive contacts. Why, you ask?

Most people who have had a positive contact with the police will think nothing of it. They expect it. It is rare that someone feels the service they received is worthy of anything more than a thank you. And you know what else, I don't expect more than that. But when someone feels the need to "get even" because I wrote them a ticket, or on the rare occasion that they had a righteously bad contact, they will be pissed off to the point that they will want to tell EVERYONE. These are the people who file false personnel complaints. These are the people who file frivolous lawsuits. These same people will likely post "ratings" on your site.

Do you have a system of checks and balances that will allow you to confirm that all of the ratings are true and correct, and not just some pissed off individual trying to make life difficult for an officer who was doing his or her job? I am sure you do not, because this would be next to impossible.

I do not think what you are doing is informing the public. I believe what you are doing is creating a forum for the bashing of cops. We already have a bad enough rap in the media because of a very few bad apples we have not yet been able to weed out ourselves. Thanks to you, it is about to get worse.

Thanks bunches,

Officer "Smith"



Sorry about the readability issues on this one yesterday. I didn't notice it when I posted, but apparently my e-mail program has issues when pasting to blogger. I fixed it now so this should be easier to read.


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justusforall said...

Eh, don't sweat it too much Officer Smith. Cop-bashing is not uncommon. I mean, no one likes getting a ticket, or being busted, no matter how much it was deserved. You guys just get all the crap when people should be !itching about their legislators...