Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ignorant Sons of Mothers...

I saw this news snippet today:

A Richmond woman was killed and a man was critically injured in a freeway shooting late Thursday night that closed westbound traffic on Interstate Highway 80 near the Richmond-Pinole border for more than four hours overnight, according to the California Highway Patrol. According to officers on the scene, a shooting between two vehicles traveling westbound on I-80 took place at approximately 9:10 p.m. between Appian Way and Pinole Valley Road. The victim's vehicle drove another mile down the freeway before coming to a stop on the shoulder of the far left lane of I-80 just past the Richmond Parkway exit. Authorities confirmed that Richmond resident Rhonda White was declared dead at the scene from injuries sustained in the shooting. The second victim was transported by CHP helicopter to John Muir Medical Center and is in critical condition. California Highway Patrol spokesman Sam Morgan said that three other people were also inside the car but were not hit. They were being questioned by investigators about the incident. Morgan said the shooting appeared to be a "random incident" and that investigators didn't have any indication it was gang-related. Investigators were able to piece together a "sketchy description" of the shooter's car but had not identified any suspects. For a time, a section of the freeway was shut down in both directions while Richmond police, Pinole police and the California Highway Patrol investigated the shooting. I-80 was re-opened in both directions at 1:30 a.m.Officers on the scene mentioned that this was the second shooting in the area of the freeway in the last three days following a non-fatal shooting that took place Tuesday evening. There was no word as to whether the shootings are related.


This is just stupid. We can't even drive on the goddamned freeway anymore without having to worry about being shot at. I and my family drive this stretch of freeway fairly regularly, sometimes at night.

As for the comment about this being a random incident, I highly doubt it. There is likely some reason the shooters picked this vehicle. Either there was someone in the car they were after, or they thought there was. There are rarely truly innocent victims in this area.

Anyway, maybe I just need to keep my gun out on my lap when I'm driving. Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith doesn't have such options. Not to mention she has a penchant for hollering and gesturing when someone pisses her off on the road. I really need to get us the hell out of this shithole area before I have to kill somebody because they're cranking rounds off at me while I'm driving home from work.

I no longer love the Bay Area.


Kojak said...

Hey Bro I feel ya. I say we all move to Wyoming or Montana. Its no better in Florida so don't come here. Just try and Be Safe!!! Keep your piece close by.

TheBronze said...

No longer?

Dude, I haven't loved the Bay Area for quite a while!

You ought to see about getting the Mrs. a CCW permit from CoCo SO.

USAincognito said...

You can trade places with me. The Midwest is blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with 9 months of cold, snowy winter.

justusforall said...

One solution: ban all guns!
Just kidding.
Hopefully you're right, and it's not another DC-sniper kind of case. There's copycats of those crazies running around: there was one in Ohio, and another in Arizona. Probably only a matter of time till there's one in Cali, the land of fruits and nuts. No offense.

Officer "Smith" said...

I didn't say I loved the Bay Area yesterday, or even the day before. Just that I don't love it now.

I used to, having spent nearly my entire life here.

As for the midwest, no, thank you. I wouldn't deal well with nine months of cold.

I'm thinking maybe Idaho.

Berserk said...

I've got a holster that attaches to my seatbelt, so that when I'm driving home from the gym (or otherwise not dressed for violence) I've got an easy way to keep my weapon accessible.

USAincognito said...

lol. Don't blame ya for not wanting to move to the Midwest. I don't care for it either. And that is being kind for how much I detest the weather up here.