Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life's a Bitch Sometimes...

I love it when I arrive at the scene of a non injury, property damage only collision and the driver of one vehicle is DEMANDING a report be taken, then that demanding driver doesn't have their registration and insurance cards in the car.

Then when I tell them I will be citing them for not having their documents with them, suddenly they don't want a report anymore. Sorry, you demanded a report, therefore I'll be writing one.

Sign here, press hard, there are four copies.


Anonymous said...

Like the old saying goes.
Becareful of what you wish for.
As you just might get it.
And they got it.

Berserk said...

I hate accident reports. No rational reason for that, honestly. I'm not fond of drawing diagrams, but the diagram goes pretty quick because I refuse to take measurements. Data entry sucks, but it's part of other police reports too and I don't mind it then. Just don't like them.

I'm with you on the important point: When the person demanding the report turns out to be missing some of their paperwork, or at least partly responsible for the crash, then I truly relish writing that ticket.

Big Poppa said...

"and justice for all"...don't you hate pricks?!!

USAincognito said...

haha!! Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

"press hard, there are 4 copies"...*snickersnort*

TheBronze said...

I love it when morons "know their rights".

I guess they don't know they also have the right "to be stupid".

It's in the Constitution, look it up!