Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Laborers...

Some cities have a Labor Ready. You know. Labor Ready is the place unemployed people go every day to get a job for that day. It might be cleaning, landscaping, concrete or moving. Anything goes.

We don't have a Labor Ready. We have a Home Depot.

If you were to drive down the main drag in my city in front of said Home Depot, you would likely believe you were in Mexico. And it's not because of the taco truck.

At any time during daylight hours you will invariably find over one hundred illegals standing, lounging, eating, drinking or pissing on the parking lot, sidewalk or roadway.

People actually stop and hire these filthy individuals to do work at their homes.

Need tile installed? Hire a Mexican.

Need yard work done? Hire a Mexican.

Need sprinklers installed? Hire a Mexican.

Need your furniture moved? Hire a Mexican.

Anything you need done but don't feel like doing yourself, yes, you too can hire your very own Mexican. Just come to the Home Depot in Smithville.

Don't get me wrong. I know everybody has to do something to make a buck. But these guys go the extra mile.

I can not tell you how many times I have taken theft reports from a "victim" who hired these guys. Hire them to move you, and expect your shit to come up missing. Hire them for yard work, expect things from INSIDE your house to mysteriously disappear. They are thieves.

Not all of them, I'm sure. But I dare you to tell the difference.

It all boils down to trying to get a bargain. You don't want to pay a professional $500 to install your granite counters PROPERLY, so you go hire two Mexicans to half ass it for $100.

I don't understand why people do this. And there's nothing I can do about it. ICE will only deport for a felony, and we can never catch these guys in a felony.

Guess I just have to keep citing them for loitering, and blocking a public way.


Berserk said...

Our illegals hang out at the park rather than Home Depot. Most of the private businesses around here would run them off, or call us to do the same.

As much as I agree with you, I'd still take the illegals over the white trash & transients that hang out by Labor Ready.

USAincognito said...

We definitely do not have that up here! We just got white trash folks sitting on street corners with "Need Food or Money" signs in our city.

Me said...

My Brother, you need to make a friend or two at ICE. If you have a Special Agent that you have a working relationship with, oftentimes they'll take misdemeanor offenders if you actually arrest and lodge the offender. If the illegal is in jail for a few days, ICE has a bit of time to place a detainer on them and will often deport them once the local charges are disposed of. In the meantime, they don't get bond. Call your local ICE office and ask to talk to a Special Agent and see if they'll meet you half way on this. I've had some luck with it.

Me said...

Oh usaincognito, you just wait. Now that there's flood damage to repair, expect to see hordes of illegals swarm into town to lowball the out-of-work locals on the clean-up jobs. Ask anyone from New Orleans how that works. And then you get the bonus: They don't leave! Once they find work, they establish little barrios and start bringing their illegal families in.

USAincognito said...

Oh, I get to look forward to idiots moving into our city filling up our streets. *rolling my eyes*

Lyfers said...

Hello! I came over from DisfunctionalCity911...

I say rock on with your bad self! Your Mexican problem at the Depot is our Arab problem at our quaint coffee shops, may I suggest maybe arming yourself with a hose? Then they can't claim any of that racial profiling nonsense, just claim to be a neat freak.

Officer "Smith" said...

Then they'll buy up the expensive houses none of us normal folk can afford, and move six families into a three bedroom house. That's the norm here.

As for the white trash with the signs, we have those here too. On every corner. Now they don't even say "WILL WORK FOR FOOD". They just say "NEED HELP. GOD BLESS." or "DINNER $ PLEASE." They aren't even lying about their willingness to work.

Aileen said...

I think you'll enjoy this video

Officer "Smith" said...

That's rough.

USAincognito said...

Wow. Not sure what to say in response to that video.