Monday, July 28, 2008

The Credit Reporting Bureaus are a JOKE!

I don't get it.

Why is it that all three credit reporting bureaus waste no time posting negative information to your credit report, but when you prove it was erroneous it takes them for freakin' EVER to remove it?

Case in point.

The Smiths recently changed Public Storage units. We went from one unit to a bigger unit at the same site. When we closed the first account, it was in good standing and paid in full. Public Storage had computer problems that day, but the manager assured me the account would be closed without any problems.

I received a letter from Public Storage about two months later threatening to send my account to collections if I didn't pay them eighty-two dollars. I visited the manager and told her of this letter, and she made a copy of it to forward to her district manager. She remembered the day I closed the account and said this letter should never have happened. To quote Gunny Ermey, "Well... no shit!"

I regularly monitor my credit report because we are in the beginning phases of house hunting. Imagine my surprise when a delinquent collection account popped up on all three of my credit reports. I could not figure out what it was for, but eventually I found a working telephone number for the collection agency, and they finally told me it was for that Public Storage account.

Long story short, after several days of telephone calls to various people, Public Storage realized they had dropped the ball BIG TIME, and told me the problem would be taken care of. Today, I looked at my credit report and the collection account was still there.

I called Allied Interstate, the collection agency responsible for placing this shit on my credit report, and asked them WTF? I was told they had returned the account to Public Storage and sent a request to the credit bureaus to remove the item from my report. Oh, and by the way, it will take sixty to ninety days to remove it.


Talk about getting my blood pressure up!!

I called Experian, I was told they cannot just remove the item and I need to dispute the record. Why do I need to dispute the record? The error has already been fixed. The creditor has sent the removal request to you already. There is nothing to dispute. Y'all just need to type a few key strokes and get the entry the hell off my credit history.

Nope, you have to dispute it if you want it quicker than sixty to ninety days. Okay, I'll bite. How long will it take to get it off if I dispute it? Thirty to forty-five days. You're kidding me. That's the "expedient" method to have it removed. Just take it off. NOW!!!

And I mean OFF. God help those bastards if they just change it to closed/paid.

These people do not care that they are keeping me from getting a home loan for the next 60-90 days. They don't care that if I were to apply for a credit card or auto loan, the interest rate would be through the roof.

60-90 days. 60-90 days! Fuck you and your 60-90 days! Fix it NOW!


*Goddess* said...

And yet, if you're late with a CC payment, it takes them one day to raise the rates on all your cards. Go figger. I have a late payment notice on my credit record from 19freaking98! Ten years and it's still showing. What a crock of crap.

USAincognito said...

Tell me about it. As soon as my settlement is over, I will be facing this shitty-ass battle with the credit companies as well. Getting my shitty credit score returned to good standing is gonna suck!! My attorney had better be donig something about it, too, because I will be pissed otherwise!
So....I feel your pain. It is a fucked up world we live in, that is for sure!

justusforall said...

It's an effed up system, designed to screw with the little guy. Stuff like this should be illegal...

Chantal said...

You are sooo right about this bull crap. I am a licensed attorney in the Ohio and I cannot tell you how many times folks are screwed by these apathetic, incompetent and greedy jerks. What can you? Hire a lawyer at $250 a hour to help with a fake debt of $80 bucks? Come on, they know most people will be snowed by this recklessness and either pay the collection agency to have it immediately removed or suck it up and wait. In the end, we always get screwed!