Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's time for another list. Here are a few little abbreviations I have picked up over the years...

GTFO - Get the F**k Out

STFU - Shut the F**k Up

HUA - Head up Ass (Also known as rectal-cranial inversion, but alas, I digress)

JDLR - Just Doesn't Look Right

LOL - Little Old Lady

WTF - What the F**k

POS - Piece of S**t

DWA - Driving While Asian (Don't go getting all politically correct on me there)

DWE - Driving While Elderly

DRT - Dead Right There

CF - Cluster F**k (also Charlie Foxtrot)


TheBronze said...

LLPOF - Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Me said...

MMOB = Minding My Own Business
CTD = Circling The Drain
DTMF = Deader Than a MotherF*<&er

Anonymous said...

I thought of one SNAFU
Situation Normal All F***ed Up

Angie said...

We have DWB in DisFUNctional city...oh and DFO ..done fell out.