Friday, August 29, 2008

Everybody Git on tha' Flo!!!

The latest fad in these parts, apparently, is the take-over robbery. Looking at the local news, it seems that there are several of these robberies a day over the past few weeks.

For those who are not familiar with the term, a take-over robbery is when a group of two or three, or sometimes more, armed and often masked suspects enter a business, often a chinese restaurant, while waving guns around and telling everyone to get on the floor, or "Git on tha' flo'" as the case may be. The suspects then empty the cash register, and often take patrons' wallets and property. It's mostly a case of intimidation, but then again there are more sheep than sheepdogs.

Anyway, there have been huge numbers of take-overs in the past few weeks from Vallejo in the north bay, to Pinole, El Cerrito and Richmond, and on down to Oakland and Hayward in the east bay.

My thought on the matter is this. These punk asses are preying on the sheep by intimidation. They come in knowing that the sheep are going to do whatever they say, and put up no resistance. They go in yelling and scare the hell out of everybody, then they run away like the bitches they are.

One time is all it will take to put this shit to an end. One time.

All they have to do is make the mistake of robbing a business when there is a sheepdog in there. Rob a business with an off duty copper inside and see what happens.

It's only a matter of time.


Officer Wright said...

Very true. I heard a story about a guy who tried to rob a convenience store in the middle of nowhere. Well, I guess cops like to meet in the middle of nowhere during off duty hours, because there were five off-duty officers from five different apartments who just happened to be at that convenience store. That guy isn't robbing anything for a long while, I'd assume.

Stay safe out there.

TheBronze said...

I didn't know where you were going with this post, but as I was reading it I thought the same thing that you came up with.

A few of these fools get kilt in the process, this'll end most ricky-tick!

Mopes prey on sheep and as soon as they know that their very lives are in danger of ending, they'll move on to greener pastures. I mean other kinds of sheep.

If I were a business-owner, I'd sure as hell have roscoe w/ me every day.

Angie said...

We have had a lot of these lately too. A new trend all over the country I guess :(

Evil Transport Lady said...

Same shit is going on here, and it scares the crap out of me.

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

I'm a cynical copper working in a dump of a UK town, reading and writing posts about the same old problems in the police. It is therefore very refreshing to read, "All they have to do is make the mistake of robbing a business when there is a sheepdog in there. Rob a business with an off duty copper inside and see what happens ..."

I think we sometimes forget that things are less complicated than they actually are, and the good old fashioned phrase of "Goodies and Baddies" is very, very true, despite what the leftist fools might try and tell us.

These robbers are nothing but the scum of the earth and need wiping from existence.

Berserk said...

We had a bunch of takeover bank robberies a little while back. As far as I know, the peckers are still at large. They haven't hit my city for a while, though. Right now our biggest robbery problem is with a couple of white dudes that like to hit pharmacies.

I would love to be in the wrong place at the right time...