Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Message for Truckers...

If you happen to be a truck driver, and you see a dead end street that you can obviously tell your truck will not be able to turn around on, do me a favor...

Don't drive your truck down that street.

And if, for some strange reason, you decide to ignore the gigantic yellow "NOT A THROUGH STREET" sign and go there anyway, please, for the love of anything semi-holy, don't try to back your tractor and trailer out without someone to guide you and make sure you don't back into three cars, a pickup truck and a motorcycle.

Okay? Thanks Driver.


Me said...

The "Stupid Trucker Trick" on my beat was ignoring the "No Trucks" signs at the top of the on-ramp and rolling down onto the parkway and right up to the first bridge about half a mile up the road...the one that doesn't have enough clearance for a truck.

Then they sit there until we show up and stop all traffic on the parkway itself and the ramp above until we can back that damned semi out of there.

This is almost a daily event, and the worst part is that due to all of the traffic breaks, we don't have time to write the dumbasses a ticket.

Fortunately we've never had one hit anything though, so your guy wins the prize there. I hate accident reports like few other things.

Officer "Smith" said...

I always write them the ticket. Time be damned.

Officer "Smith" said...

And that reminds me of a funny:

Two hillbillies were driving along in their hay truck. The load was stacked up to fifteen feet.

The hillbillies come up to bridge with a sign on it that says:


The hillbillies look at each other. They look all around then back at each other again.

Then one hillbilly says to the other

"I don't see no cops. Let's go for it!"

Anonymous said...

Last month I get a call... Trucker saw the guide wire thats comes down from the power pole.. Thought he could miss it while he was backing up!
Calling me cause now the live wire was laying across his cab!
Guess he didn't to good of a job at missing it?!! Really!!!
- Dispatcher!

USAincognito said...

Apparently he had no brain cells....what an idiot!!