Sunday, October 19, 2008

Numbers Game...

Just a few random numbers I was contemplating:

37 - Rounds I carry for my duty weapon

1 - Number of times I have been party to a lawsuit as a result of this job

40 - Caliber of my duty weapon

5063956 - My rifle serial number from basic training (Armory number was 11)

7 - Dead body calls I have attended to

57 - Fastest speed I have ever cited someone for in a 25 MPH speed zone

3 - Number of handcuffs I have available when I'm on duty

5 - Number of "guns", not necessarily firearms, I have available to me during my shift

20 - Number of traffic stops I make in an average shift

45 - Miles I drive in an average shift

17 - Text messages I received today

10 - Hours in my shift

3 - Police funerals I have attended

11 - Number of times I applied for police jobs before I was hired

4 - Average number of times my MDC (the computer in my car) crashes in a shift

3.3 - Miles I ran today


Angie said...

Glad to see it's not just our computers that seem to crash every 20 minutes!

Anonymous said...

6 - Number of times I got pulled over (before I was a dispatcher) and never got a ticket!

If people actually knew how many times our computers go down.... And were 911!!! Scary isn't it?

Officer "Smith" said...

Well, I didn't even mention how many time DISPATCH computers crash in a shift!

USAincognito said...

Had to chuckle at some of those numbers....sounds SO familiar! :)

Berserk said...

46, 4, 40, n/a, probably about 20, maybe 45, 3, 4, 3, 60, 0 (90 if you count MDC messages), 10 (12 today, but it was supposed to be 10), 3, 3, 0, 0 (I don't work out on days when I get overtime).

Doesn't look nearly as coherent without the explanations attached to the numbers. I was surprised to see some of the differences.

Officer "Smith" said...

Some were different, some were the same.

5150Wife said...

You only drive 45 miles in a shift? Wow!

In Mayberry, they've been restricted to 75 per shift (gas prices, ya know) and the officers have a hard time keeping it that low.

Not a Granny said...

Stopping by from Mrs. Smith!

During a ride along I did a couple of years ago with our local Sheriff's Dept., their computer crashed more times than I could count.

Anonymous said...

I have got to ask this question.
How did you settle on 37 rounds for your duty gun?

Officer "Smith" said...

It's actually quite simple...

Three magazines with twelve rounds each is 36, then the one in the chamber is 37. I top off the magazine after I rack that round in.