Friday, October 17, 2008

Say What?

I was speaking to a group of students recently regarding something they said as they walked by me.

They held up their ID cards with their Obama stickers on the back and hollered "Vote for Obama. WOOOOOOOOO!"

I asked them a simple question. Why?

Their answers ranged from "Because he's awesome", to "He's good for the economy", to "Because McCain is ugly!", to "I just like him".

When I asked one of the students why they thought he was awesome, the response was
"He just is. He's awesome and he's good for the country. My mom says so."
One of the other students said
"Your mom is stupid! She doesn't even speak English, how does she know?"

How is he good for the economy?
"He's going to fix it."
Oh? How?
"I don't know. He just is."
What's wrong with the economy now?
"It's messed up."
"It just is."

So you're going to vote for Obama just because you don't like the way John McCain looks? "Yeah, he's ugly."
And that's a valid reason not to vote for someone?

Finally, they just started dodging my questions and just held up their Obama stickers, again saying "Vote for Obama!"

I said "You just like him because he has cool stickers, huh?"

"Yeah, he's awesome!"

These are the people we will soon be allowing to vote for the man or woman who is responsible for this country. I'm sure there are other clueless young people who are voting for McCain for reasons just as irrelevant. I'm not trying to say this is a Democrat thing. Obama just happened to be who these kids were hawking.

Did we somehow lose Government as a required class in high school? Is anyone educating these kids on what they need to know and look for to make a reasonable decision on a political issue? Or are they just parroting whatever their parents say?

In times like the present, we need people who will take the time to research a topic or candidate, and be able to make an educated decision as to which way they will vote. With 50-50 elections, recounts, and the winner hanging on a chad in the past several elections, it is more important now than ever that people know what they are voting for.

I don't care which way you vote. Just make sure it's right for you and your family. Don't vote just because your mom said so.

These kids are our political future. God help us all.


Fire Fox said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned the kids were parroting their parents views! When my daughter came home from school with an "anti-war" and "anti-Bush" speech all prepared for me, I knew she had been influenced by her teachers. When we moved beyond the rehearsed lines, she - like those students in your post, had nothing... understood nothing. I made sure that she had the opportunity to see BOTH sides and educated her on where she could find the information she needed to make conscientious decisions. It's all good to voice opinions in front of your kids... just be sure they UNDERSTAND what's being said!

fuzzys dad said...

The education system today is sadly lacking. that is why we are home schooling our girls.

USAincognito said...

God help us all is right!!!! *shaking my head* I do not understand how we have raised a generation of ignorant kids who cannot think for themselves and who cannot give reasons for why they believe a certain way. How sad!!

TheBronze said...

Smitty, I agree 100%!

These kids today are sorely lacking, in so many respects...