Sunday, November 2, 2008

Slow-poke and the Messenger...

I was behind two cars on the freeway today, and they had me rather concerned.

One was a slow-poke in a red Ford Ranger. I had been behind this guy since I got on the freeway about a mile before. He was driving about 10 miles per hour under the speed limit, and I couldn't get around him because of traffic. This wasn't really bothering me as I wasn't in a hurry. As such, I didn't pull the standard idiot maneuver of flying around him on the shoulder at Mach 1.

After we passed through the interchange we came upon a green VW Beetle, also doing about 10 miles per hour under the speed limit. The driver of this vehicle, we'll call her the messenger, was texting on her cell phone and seemed to have difficulty keeping a steady speed, keeping the car in the lane, or driving in general.

What concerned me the most was, not only did the messenger seem more concerned with her phone than her driving, but the slow-poke didn't even seem to notice the messenger's poor driving skills. As the messenger allowed her vehicle to drift within about six inches of the slow-poke's driver's side door, the slow-poke just kept on trucking.

I was glad the freeway widened to three lanes at that point, so I could get the hell away from those two. It seems like I always see this stuff when I'm not in my patrol car.


David said...

I get that too - I'm always tempted to flash my badge and overtake but I assume they'll just panic and smash into a light pole!!

Jay said...

Playing with your mobile phone while driving in traffic. Ah if only stupid people were a bit smarter they might realise how stupid they are.