Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pardon my French, But...


OPEC approves biggest ever output cut

Group makes deep cut to counter slumping oil prices

After gas prices surged to almost $5.00 a gallon a few months ago, we are finally paying less than $2.00 a gallon for gasoline again, and now the slimy bastards at OPEC want to cut crude output to drive the prices back up.

"I hope we surprised you," OPEC President Chekib Khelil said when asked whether the size of the cut would shock moribund oil markets into an upward trend. "If you're not surprised we need to do something about it."

No. I'm not surprised you greedy sonuvabitch. Disgusted is a more apt word for what I feel.

I guess you got a little too used to the astronomical prices people were paying for your black gold, huh OPEC? Now that you've tasted it, you're hooked. It's like a drug. You need more money.

I guess if people will pay whatever price you charge, you might as well jack it back up.

It's not like we can all just quit driving, after all...


Anonymous said...

Well said Bravo.

Me said...

Every time they pull something like that, I'm thinking that we could just use a few more new American States, ideally in the Mid-East and South America.

Of course the locals won't stand for that, so they'll all have to relocate, But I'm good with that.

Leslie said... wonder the price at the bump jumped 20 cents in one night!!!

Anonymous said...

Got it for $1.50 the other day....wondering how long that'll last.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said!!!! I was so pissed when that was announced!!

Liz said...

We better enjoy it while we can! Ugh

Leslie said...

A $1.50?!? Where???? You are SOOO lucky!!

Officer "Smith" said...

Gas across the street from here was $1.619 last week, but as of yesterday it's back up to $1.699.

I'll have to see what it is today when I go out.