Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Place we Call the Zoo...

We went to the zoo Monday, and something occurred to me.

What's my favorite animal at the zoo?

Homo Sapiens.

I think I get just as much entertainment from watching the idiocy among my own species at the zoo, as I do from looking at the furry and feathered animals.

When I see kids standing on fences, and their parents not doing a thing about it, I think "Little friggin' animals".

When you politely explain to someone that both of the Grizzlies are female, and that they are, in fact, sisters, but the adults still insist upon referring to the bears as "he", the amusement begins to fade.

When I see a guy looking at a Golden Eagle, while standing in front of a sign that says Golden Eagle, and listening to a keeper talk about the Golden Eagle, then the guy tells his son to "Lookit the hawk", I realize the Golden Eagle is actually smarter than the human idiot. It at least knows it's not a hawk.

Some of the best exhibits at the zoo are not in cages...


Mrs. "Smith" said...

*Snort* But honey, they're people, not humans. Remember the conversation we had about the difference?

Liz said...

When I was a kid in a stroller a chimp at the zoo got a huge kick out of jumping out from behind a rock and screaming at me. I cried. The chimp laughed. My parents thought it was funny to. Probably everyone did except me. I think animals are smarter than a lot of people out there.

Hogday said...

Hi Officer Smith. This reminded me of a conversation I had with a tourist outside Buckingham Palace some years ago. "Hey Bobby, when's the Queen coming out"?
"See the mast up there Sir. No flag flying means the Queen is not in residence"
"OK, so when's she gonna come out then"?
"Like I said, the Queen is not in residence, therefore she won't be coming out".
"OK, what time will that be"?
I have walked off by this time. (He was American,No offence! ours can be just as dumb!) Nice blog.

*Goddess* said...

I will never forget the time I took my then 10 yr old nephew to the Pittsburgh Zoo. At the end of one part of their exhibit they had a lone door and above the door it said, "This is the most dangerous species in the world." My nephew was a little ahead of me, I saw him peer into the door, and then he started screaming hysterically. I ran up to find out he was looking at...his own reflection in a mirror. LOL! He's in his 30's now and we still laugh about that one.

I don't think a trip to the zoo is complete until you take a small child past the monkey and/or gorilla exhibit. There's always some 'splaining to do (or eye covering;) if ya know what I mean;)

BTW, thanks for that needle in hay stack job. Couldn't you have just pointed me to the "important" videos and made my life easier? LOL!

Officer "Smith" said...

Well, there were quite a few "important" videos. I suppose I could've pointed you to the ones I'm in, but what would be the fun in that?

Berserk said...

So... what time IS the Queen coming out?

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

People or 'Human' watching is never funner then in an airport or mall!!