Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DOH!!! BART!!!

The latest quotes heard on bay area television and radio regarding the BART New Years Day shooting:

"This was no accident. It was murder."

And you know this how? You were there? You were a part of the officer's premeditation of the crime? Would that mean you are an accomplice? Maybe we should arrest the jackass who said that.

"When the government needs something, they get it right now. But when a young brotha gets shot by the PO-lice, the police department takes two weeks to do an investigation, then they still won't tell us nothing."

Well, you see, when the government needs something and gets it right now, there is usually not the chance someone could face criminal sanction behind it. Nobody goes to jail, gets fined or gets executed just because the government needs something.

On the other hand, a police investigation usually does end up with some of the above activity. As a result, the police department cannot discuss their investigation, in order to avoid endangering their chances of prosecution. They aren't hiding anything from you just because "a young brotha got shot". It would be no different if the shooting victim had been white, red, yellow, green or any other color.

"The best way to say that is,' we don't condone it and what we saw is not consistent with how we train our police officers and we're referring this case on for criminal prosecution,' Burris said. "And what they [BART] said was 'we're just referring it on… we're not saying it's criminal conduct or not," Burris added.

Yes, Mr. Burris, that's how it works. The report was forwarded to the DA's office. That in and of itself is "referring this case on for criminal prosecution". They don't forward it if it isn't a criminal case. Just because they didn't come right out and officially condemn their officer doesn't mean they are defending him.

I'm not sure which is worse, that people say this shit or that the media considers it news...


Tara said...

People wouldn't say it if they had no avenue for the world to hear it.. it's called DRAMA and the Ghettofabs are great at that.

Gigi said...

They scream racism, but would you hear the outrage if it was a young white man who had been shot? Where is the racism in that?

Todd Hines said...

The media eats it up! Sensationalism at its best. The more divisive, the better.