Saturday, January 10, 2009

Y'all a Bunch O' Ignants!

For those who haven't heard in the news, a BART police officer shot and killed a man on New Year's day. There are some questions as to the reasons and methods put into play surrounding the shooting, but this post is not to debate those.

What I am writing about is the public response to the police department's handling of the incident.

Why is it, that when people don't like what they hear from a government agency, they feel the need to go ape shit and tear up the city? It's like Rodney King all over again, but on a smaller scale so far.

The black public doesn't agree with the way the BART police department is handling the investigation. Fine. It's your right to disagree. In fact, there are a number of police officers who also disagree with the handling of the investigation.

The problem arises when the black public resorts to vandalism, rioting, looting and assault with a deadly weapon to DISPLAY their displeasure.

It has become accepted practice to run rampant, breaking police cars and fire engines, setting fire to dumpsters, breaking business windows, and spewing forth all other sorts of violence and ignorance.

I suppose it's not just a "black thang" though, because esteemed tree-sitter Dumpster Muffin has seen fit to throw itself into the fray as a self proclaimed Anarchist. And it, as far as I can tell, is Caucasian.

And you can't tell me these "people" are committing their violent acts purely in anger. When I see hood rats jumping up and down on the roof of a police car while laughing, or breaking the windows out while a smiling and cheering crowd urges them on, I see no anger. I see only stupidity.

The worst part is that these assholes aren't even tearing up their own city. These fools are mostly from San Leandro or Hayward, where Oscar Grant was from.

It's fine to be pissed off about the situation. There are lots of cops who are not very happy about the whole thing either, but we don't run around setting fire to dumpsters! Definitely be angry. Be very angry. But don't act like a bunch of ignorant hoodlums.

If you want to be heard, try talking...


Aunt Zee said...

And their stupidity spreads too.....monkey see, monkey do. Geez.....

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you! It makes no sense to destroy stuff like there doing! Other then they have no brains at all! Whats so ever!

Me said...

I was getting ready to post on this too. WAY too many of the pics that I've seen are white males who appear to just be acting like asses because they can.

And Dumpster Muffin has been overdue for an ass-kicking for a long time now...both her and the rich, liberal parents that are obviously funding her misadventures.

Leslie said...

What makes me shake my head is, when blacks start pulling that "you are racist toward me" card as soon as they begin acting like fools.

If they want other people to treat them with respect, then maybe they should not act like hoodlums - wearing their pants all baggy, hat tipped off to whatever gang side they represent, loud music pouring from their pimped out rides, guns tucked in their boxers showing from the low riding jeans, going around creating crimes just because they "feel oppressed," etc, etc, etc.

Get a freakin' life!!! *hit happens to both black AND white criminals in custody NOT just the blacks!! They are only proving to those who watch them that they DO fit that "bad-*ss, thug reputation" they always complain about getting.

And it ain't just blacks, it is the white trash of america, too, that needs to freakin' grow up!!!!

I get so sick of people acting like fools and blaming society for their actions..."I am this way because my neighbhorhood was bad."..."I am this way because my daddy beat my mommy."...I am this way because you people oppressed my people."...blah, blah, blah.

Go jump off a bridge and take your lame-*ss excuses with you!

Am I upset about the BART shooting? You bet. Do I think something isn't quite right with the investigation? Damn right! But you sure as hell do not see me out there destroying the streets I live and/or work on. Because, despite how unjust our justice system may seem, I still believe that someday - whether it be in the present or in the future - a righteous justice will be served to those who are responsible.

End rant.

Tara said...

They are animals.. and you think it's bad now? wait til Jan 20th. IT's already starting here. My SO had a call of 2 disruptive african americans on a train.. the conductor wanted them off so he called in the next stop (which was my SO's town). When his LT., him and a black officer responded and were forced to remove her because she was being beligerant and "ignorant" and defying orders she cried racist to my SO, and threatened to sue him personally and barack this and barack that.. When the black officer contacted the parents to see what they wanted to do with them, the father said "let her rot wherever i don't care. She's been Obamanated" i never laughed so hard in my life.. All of these Ghettofabulous people are just going to get worse.. i think all cops should be able to carry fully automatic weapons from now on to protect themselves.. But that's just my humbled opinion.
Side Note: I'm trying to get a lawsuit filed against the british.. lol.. had they not come here with their slaves we wouldn't be going through this BS now.

TheBronze said...

Smitty, you called it!

Anonymous said...

They just want to get on television.And they can be being stupid.

Officer "Smith" said...

What, so they can watch themselves on the flat screen they looted?

FireMidget said...

Everyone wants to get their 5 min of fame, and of course they cannot do wrong, they are always in the wrong situation....

That is why I am voting for a "Darwin Day" 24 hours no police,fire,medical. See who survives that!

Officer "Smith" said...

Darwin Day. I like it.