Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geek Squad Follies...

While at the Geek Squad counter at our local Best Buy store recently, I noticed something odd.

On the metal slat-wall support behind the repair counter, there was one of those magnetic parts trays you can get at Sears. The kind with the really big magnet on the bottom that serves the dual purpose of attaching the tray to a metal surface, and holding the nuts, bolts and screws in the tray.

One of these, in fact:

This tray was stuck on the wall behind the computer repair counter, with computer hard disk and tower case screws sticking in the "bottom" of the tray. A Phillips screwdriver was stuck magnetically to the side of the tray.

It occurred to me that it might not be a good idea to put computer screws in this tray, as it would likely magnetize the screws. Then putting magnetized screws in a computer with the now magnetized screwdriver would, I would think, be bad.

I asked Troy, the guy who was helping me, if he really thought it was a good idea to use a magnetic tray for the computer screws, or to use the magnetized screwdriver while putting the screws in.

Troy, in his infinite wisdom, told me "Yeah, it's really handy." Yo, Troy. Put your hand up over your head. A little higher. Nope, still higher. There. That's where you would have to reach to catch my point. Waaaaaaaaay over your head, apparently.

That was one of those moments when I decided it would be way more frustrating to try and explain my point to someone who should have understood in the first place, than to just stand there and stew in the fact that they were using magnetic screws and screwdrivers in their computer repairs.

I was just glad my repair was being sent out, and not done there...


The Chad said...

to be honest, I use a magnetic screwdriver inside of a computer all time when onsite at a client's.

The amount of magnetism needed to scramble a hard drive is much more that a screwdriver or that tray has.

Love the blog...keep it up

The Chad

Socialism Sucks said...

There's really nothing to worry about here, the it's too weak to affect the computer

Jack said...

As the previous two comments have said, the little magnets on the screw tray are far too weak to affect any of the computer components they come into contact with. Twenty years ago, maybe - large-format floppy disks could be repolarized by simple magnets with little effort - but today's hard disks are made of much sterner stuff. A bulk eraser capable of damaging sectors on a hard disk would also, by necessity, be strong enough to require magnetic hazard warnings.

Of course, this isn't at all to say that the geek squad has any clue what they're doing.

Shayan said...

Regardless of magnetics, don't trust the Geek Squad anyway.

Those IDIOTS erased my hard drive, damaged my graphics card beyond repair, and somehow messed with my DVD drive such that I cannot play with movies. What repair had I requested? A replacement key. I was missing my L key. THAT'S ALL I WANTED OR NEEDED.

That transcends idiocy.

And two days ago, my cat of 14 years had to be put to sleep. Thanks to their hard drive erasure, I have only pictures from her last few months on Earth, and her first few years (pre-digital camera era)

Incidentally, they had my computer for 2 1/2 months. If I had enough cash for a lawyer, those jackasses would be jobless and unhireable by now. And I'd have their personal PCs treated the same way.

Anonymous said...

When I open my case for repairs.. I am properly grounded! I am not going to take a chance! Nothing magnetic hits anywhere near me! I wouldn't have left my computer there.. But then again - Geek Squad was caught copying over 'interesting data/pics' from one customers computer to there personal USB drive.. I just don't trust them. There not all bad... But I'd rather do it myself.

Shayan - unlimited storage of your photos online.. for the price of 1 print a year! When I download my camera I upload to kodak also! Just in case my house catches on fire I can order a disk of all my photos to replace them! (For future info when you rescue your next fur kid!)

Michael Burggraf said...

Those trays pose no threat to anything but tube TVs and floppy discs and are very common in computer repair shops!

Stick to the Law Enforcement and leave the computer repair to the professionals!! :-)

Shayan said...

Thanks for the tip Dispatcher!

TheBronze said...

Smitty ,

I like the memorial pics on your side-bar for Starzyk and Moody.

I don't know how long you've had them up, but I just noticed them.


Officer "Smith" said...

I put them up about a week ago. Thanks for noticing.