Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Words of Encouragement...

Strange things have been happening in my city recently.

People have been approaching me and other officers and speaking to us.

They have said things like "Thank you guys for your service", "I just wanted you to know I think you all are doing a good job", and "We wanted to give our condolences for your brothers in Oakland".

The first couple times this happened, I was taken a bit aback. Then it kept happening.

The day before the memorial service, a guy came in to the freont counter at my department and said "I just wanted to say thank you. That's all." Then he left.

My jaw dropped.

This coming from the same population who usually "motherfuck" us and give us hard ass looks when we drive by.

Don't get me wrong, I don't expect props from the public. I don't seek pats on the back. I get my rewards from catching the bad guys and putting them in jail. That's what makes me feel good. But it does make me stop and think when people come up to me all of a sudden and say such nice things.

Too bad it takes such a shitty event to cause folks to do this...


Mad Jack said...

Too bad it takes such a shitty event to cause folks to do this...

It doesn't. I've been doing it ever since I turned 16 and got my driver's license. At first I did it because I liked to watch the expression on the officer's face go from "What?" into "Are you being a smart a**?" to "Huh. Well, thanks."

These days I'm a little more genuine with my gratitude, but I still like to watch the expression. You guys are lousy poker players.

Meadowlark said...

Mad Jack... I find you again. Always a pleasure.

This isn't happening in our city right now, as a high-ranking officer just retired because he and spouse are under investigation for real estate fraud. It breaks my heart.

Front Porch Society said...

Wow. I think my jaw would have dropped, too. And you are right, too bad it does take a tragedy as horrific as the Oakland or New York or Pennsylvania ones to do this.

Anonymous said...

It happens here occasionally! Even before all this is happening. Mostly with the quite citizen's that don't need our services much.

They come up to my officer thanking him and ya, his jaw usually drops and he feels somewhat akward.. Like 'what do I say?'

On the other hand... my mother does it all the time whenever she see's an officer or military personnel... for as long as I've known her.. no matter what city or country we are in! My Mom is so cool!!