Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can You Hear My Music NOW?

The latest vehicular craze in our area is to place speakers behind the grille on the front of your car so your music plays OUTSIDE the car as well as inside.

I have seen these a few times over the past year, but in the past month or two it seems EVERYONE has them.

And it seems to be a uniquely rap thing. Motherfuck this, or bust a cap up in that. Never do I hear anyone blasting Fanfare for the Common Man, or even Cowboys from Hell.

The usual excuse I get when I stop them for violation of 27007 VC is that they forgot to turn them off. You forgot to turn them off? Why do you even have them on the outside of the car?

They say it's so they can hear the radio when they are parked somewhere "hanging out". Well, guess what. That's still a violation of the city noise ordinance, and it's still a violation of 27007.

I had one idiot a while back drive past my in-laws' house while we were loading into the car to head home. A white Lexus (only white, no Lexus Nexis, sorry) came rolling down the street. You could literally hear this jackass for thirty seconds before you could see him.

As he rolled by, my mother-in-law hollered at him to "TURN IT DOWN!"

So, being the supposed bad-ass he thought he was, he had to make a u-turn and come back to run his mouth. "Whatchu say?"

So I walked over to his window and said "She said turn it down. People don't want to hear that all over the neighborhood."

"Why don't you call the police to write me a ticket then?"

I said "I am the police. Turn it down."

Of course, he had to get the last word. He said "Well, she don't need to yell like that." as he drove away.

Yet another prime example of people who can't take responsibility for their own stupidity. Always gotta try to turn it around to be someone else's fault.

Oddly enough, his stereo stayed down...


powdergirl said...

The brilliant parting shot just kills me.
"well, she don't need to yell like that"
The witty retort is just too much.

Who writes their material? Goofy?

Teri Kathleen said...

Oh I hope that this trend stays out of Ohio! :(

Front Porch Society said...

Stupid punk.

Must be a new thing. Have not seen those external speakers on cars around here. Yet. And I pray I never do!!

Mad Jack said...

What happens if a Tazer is applied to a stereo system? Or to a car's electrical system?

*Goddess* said...

Ok you had to feel pretty doggone smug being able to say, "I AM the police:)"!

Beat And Release said...

We haven't seen this in my area yet, but I did see it 30-35 years ago down in S. Florida. They had grill speakers and the wide whitewalls. I thought those speakers went the way of the dodo bird. I guess the speakers and the dodo's are undergoing a resurgence.

BootedCop said...

And the baby hooligans who can't drive yet get a stolen milk crate (violation of section 565 of the Calif. penal code by the way....cite someone for THAT sometime!!!), duct tape the crate to their handlebars, and put the high powered boom box in the crate and blast out the neighborhood on their bikes, which are now decorated in the spokes with pink and green like rolling pin(y)atas (yes I know how to spell properly but i don't have the freakin squiggle thingy over the N). Also a violation of VC 27007...coming soon to a ghetto town near you!!!!

Expatriate Owl said...

For about a year and a half, we had some shmuck blaring his speakers as he drove down our street at 1 AM or so almost every night. Apparently, the teenage girl down the street broke up with him, so he hasn't been around for a few months (her mom and dad, it seems, are quite elated).

Last week, for the who-knows-how-manyeth time, I heard the criticism that law enforcement officers who write traffic tickets are more tax collectors than cops. To be sure, there may be some basis for this in some localities. But if, perchance, these ticket-writing cops are really tax collectors, then these external speaker putzes can be great sources of revenue for our struggling state and local governments.

And the populace, at least on my own street, would be very happy to have the tax collectors cum cops write lots of tickets for 27007 VC and analogous noise control statutes. Especially for the ones who "entertain" us with their blasting "music" after midnight.

BootedCop said...

Big misnomer on cops being tax collectors. The agencies they work for only get less than 10% of the fine money collected. Most of it goes to the county. So unless they are county cops, that is an urban myth.

Anonymous said...

On my knees praying those speaker don't come to this city! Ugh!!

brad.B said...

The fine associated with 2007 VC is upwards of $200. The day you can justify taking $200 of my money for listening to music, is the day I no longer hold any constitutional rights as an American. In sum, o fuck yourself. You fat 2-bit, redneck doughnut monger pig.

Officer "Smith" said...

Brad B.,

I wasn't going to publish your post, because it is inflammatory bullshit, but I decided to publish it just so folks could see how illiterate and ignorant you are.

I'll take your comment point by point.

1) "The fine associated with 2007 VC is upwards of $200".

First of all, it's 27007VC, not "2007VC". Secondly, if you know the fine by heart, I can only assume you've been cited for it at least once.

2) "The day you can justify taking $200 of my money for listening to music, is the day I no longer hold any constitutional rights as an American."

I can justify it any time you subject the rest of the motoring public, and for that matter anyone in a residence within 100 yards, to your "music". People who get cited for 27007 are obnoxious, and are generally trying to show off. There is no other real reason for having your music turned up to such a deafening level as to be heard more than fifty feet from your vehicle.

3) "In sum, o fuck yourself. You fat 2-bit, redneck doughnut monger pig."

Here's where you show off your ignorance. The term is "GO fuck yourself", not "o fuck yourself". Also, you have no idea how fat or thin I am, because you have never met or seen me.

Finally, I do not sell doughnuts, and am therefore not a doughnutmonger.

Oink oink asshole.