Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Bumper Sticker...

"Warning, religion may cause war. Use caution when believing."

And a t-shirt I saw once:

"Jesus saves sinners... and redeems them for valuable prizes."


Beat And Release said...

My favorite (backed up by world history) is:

"Religion Breeds Hate"

Ok.....don't tee off on me. While I have more a background in the sciences, I have no problem with anyone believing what they want to believe. Whatever gets you through the day.....that's what is important.

Anonymous said...

People confuse religion and Salvation.

Front Porch Society said...

Religion, faith, salvation......all words that get comingled and misunderstood by all.

Bob G. said...

Smitty (et al):

It's not just about religion any longer, either...
Yhe lines that USED to define MUCH of our society have become TOO blurred over the last few decades...and to what end?

Doesn't matter if it's religion...or education...politics or cultural nuances, or even law-enforcement.

Too many shades of gray.
Too many "maybes".

We need a lot more of the YES and NO aspects back again.

PS: Love the redemption for valuable prizes...
(makes me wonder what the "parting gifts" are)

Stay safe.


Sabra said...

Apparently, as a 17-year-old high school senior, I wrote (among other things) "Jesus save souls, and redeems them for valuable cash prizes!" in my best friend's memory book.

I'm actually quite devout. Just easily amused. Honestly, my favorite of all time is "I found Jesus. He was behind the couch the whole time!"