Friday, August 21, 2009

I've had it...

I apologize to all of my regular readers, but...

Some people just do not take hints.

Woycechowsky doesn't take the hint that he is no longer welcome to comment here.

Others have ignored my requests not to respond to his comments.

I tried very hard not to let it get to this point,

but Comment Moderation is now ON.

There you go Woycechowsky, you win.

Thanks for playing. Goodbye.



Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that was a good move and the only move you could have made to really make it work.

Your blog IS your house. If Mr. W. walked up your sidewalk or into your living room or showed up at your church you would be free to tell him to leave. Even on the sidewalk, you could walk away from him or, failing that, take actions to keep him away from you.

Comment moderation is the cyber version of that, in my opinion.

Ul said...

What about if one of these days you stop this guy for whatever violation and finally meet him? xoxoxo
wouldn't it be bad luck or destiny?
I've got a question and I'll greatly appreciate your answer... if I travel to the US as a tourist (I live in Mexico) what kind of porblems will I encounter beacuse of using my mexican driver's license or driving a car with mexican plates in case of a traffic violation or accident? some people say that because your're a foreigner you'll be put in jail regardless of the ticket...
have you had any situations like this one

*Goddess* said...

Yikes. I'm surprised you lasted this long without having to use comment moderation.

Officer "Smith" said...


I occasionally see cars with Mexico plates around here, but I've noticed the folks driving them are usually quite careful drivers.

As for what would happen if you did get stopped, it would kind of depend upon the violation.

If it was an infraction, such as speeding, running a red light, etc. you would likely get a ticket just like anyone else, then it would be up to you to get back here for court in the required time period.

If it was a misdemeanor, such as driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, or DUI, you might get arrested.

I don't know about other states, but in California we won't arrest you for an infraction unless you refuse to sign the citation.

The biggest problem you might run into here, is that the officer who stops you may ask a lot of questions about whether or not you actually do live in Mexico. The reason for this being the HUGE number of illegals we have here who think a Mexican driver's license is sufficient to drive in California when they no longer actually LIVE in Mexico.

If you have a Mexican passport and you get a stamp upon entering the country, it would likely make it much easier on you.

The sure fire way to avoid the whole situation in the first place though, is to drive within the law.

Front Porch Society said...

Sorry!! :(

DJMooreTX said...

Officer, I apologize for responding to DW in the Cashier thread. I knew he was a problem, but didn't realize he was persona non grata.

Meadowlark said...

I'm personally completely PISSED that you banned him.

Mostly because now he's hanging out here

but you knew that. :(

What a stupid troll. GRRRRRRRR

Officer "Smith" said...

Front Porch & DJ:

It's okay. I was just a little irritated over the whole thing.


I'm truly sorry for that. Now he'll unfortunately have more time for your and Roanoke's blogs.

The Bus Driver said...

I'm glad you've moved to moderation on comments. I had to do that after I had some really negative comments on my blog bashing me for what I do.

I for one think its a good move. :)

MTBLaura said...

Ooh, I guess I need to add an apology to you too. I was a wee bit harsh on him in my comment. You probably didn't need someone coming to your rescue to handle any cyber bully...sorry...habits are hard to break.
I am glad he's gone. I wish it wasn't under forced circumstances though to drive you to anger, but it is what it is.
Keep up the good blog.

Officer "Smith" said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, but I still don't like the whole moderation thing.

It screws up the flow of the comments.

Alex said...

If you don't want to moderate comments, and you know Mr. W's IP address, you could just ban him from the site with a utility like this one.

Roanoke Cop said...

Hehehe I started comment moderation and then finally rejected all his comments. Then I saw him pop up here. Sorry bro. He'll keep moving around until nobody will allow him to post his ignorant crap anymore.

Officer "Smith" said...

Thanks Alex. I have his IP address, and I'm going to try out your suggestion.

*Goddess* said...

Of course that doesn't stop him if he uses a computer in another location.

Officer "Smith" said...

It didn't even stop him from his normal IP. Toolator sucks.