Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Fixed...

I stopped a car this morning with a windshield so horribly cracked, I don't know how the driver could even see where she was going.

I asked the driver my standard question for such stops. When did that happen?

She said it had been like that for six months, and she was going to get it fixed next week.

I informed her I'd be right back with her citation.


Let me explain it like this. If I don't write the ticket, I have no assurance you will actually fix it. Yes, I know you TOLD me you're going to fix it. But get this...


I know, I know, you're not a liar. You're the best, most honest driver in the world. I've heard that one before.

Unfortunately for you, others have told me they were going to do something, then a month or two later I've seen them cruising around with the same problem.

By issuing the fix it ticket, I at least have some assurance that you will actually fix the problem.


Melissa said...

You've ignored it for six months, but swear that you're going to fix it 'next week'? Sure, pull the other one. It's got bells on.

Brett Allen said...

What I don't understand, is I actually -love- "fix it" tickets.

While you could just get a citation that you have to pay regardless if you fix the problem or not, that didn't happen.

Law could be worse on you. Appreciate the fact that you only have to pay if you don't get it fixed.

Also, a "fix it" ticket is a good proof to your friend/family why you need a loan to fix your car if you don't have the money :P

911 and the Randomness.. said...

LOL, "people lie" -no they don't! they just tell half truths or stretch the truth a little bit...

Jackie said...

You know the title of this made my mind go in totally the wrong direction right??

and better a "fix it" ticket than a real one!


*Goddess* said...

I know, I know, you're not a liar. You're the best, most honest driver in the world.

Honest to God she is getting that fixed next week! Why would she lie to you, Officer:)?

Triple Beeper said...

My guess? If she was really going to fix it, it would've been done long before it hit the six month mark.

As it stands, my windshields don't stay cracked that long because they always break right before I have to get the car registered.

Front Porch Society said...

Not to mention, if she was really going to get it fixed then why has she waited 6 months? If she was serious about having it fixed, she would have done it a lot sooner. So, yeah, she is a liar and was only trying to get out of well-deserved ticket. Maybe now she will actually get it fixed. Instead of driving a vehicle that is not safe and could possibly cause an accident due to the lack of being able to cleary see through the windshield.

Jay said...

I was deeply shocked by your last post Officer Smith. You mean there are people who would actually lie to an officer of the law. What is the world coming to?
What is even more shocking is they expect the said law officer to believe them after they have been driving around for six months without having the problem fixed. Tell me, could the woman see your forehead? Did she realise you didn’t have the word Gullible tattooed across it?

Officer "Smith" said...


I hoped someone would see the humor in the title. Thanks.


Perhaps the sharpie was not completely worn off my forehead.

alanmoore78 said...

My mother in law has a single crack going across her truck windshield. It's been like that for four years now. It drives me crazy to look at it from inside or out. But for some reason it passes inspection every year, so until it doesn't pass, she doesn't intend to fix it.

I once owned a $160 car with a smashed windshield. I didn't drive it after getting it home, and used it for parts for another car. But sure enough, the day I went to drive it to the junkyard to scrap it, I get pulled over and issued a $180 ticket. Officer claimed "that crack in your windshield is reflecting sunlight and blinding other drivers" which really was crap. The chrome grille, front bumper, and windshield trim reflected more light than that series of cracks and bubbles.

I got $80 for the car at the junkyard. Net loss $260. I could have had $50 if they came to me. Net loss $110.

Next time I'll take the small loss instead of the big one. But the "blinding" comment was a real BS line, especially on a big Impala wagon which had more chrome than glass!