Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait...

Yet another regular phenomenon for which I have no logical explanation.

Why is it that the drivers who claim to be in the biggest hurry are also the ones who argue and delay the most when I return to their window with the ticket?

Do they suddenly not have to be where they told me they were in such a hurry to be when they said they had to be there? Really, you might still be able to make it to your 11:00 appointment, since it's only 10:50 and you're three blocks away. If you want to dispute the citation here and now however, you're certainly going to be late.

Do they think by delaying they are somehow putting me out? I got news for ya Bubba. I got ALLLLLLL day.

Then there are the folks who tell me I am making them late. Really? I'M making YOU late? I disagree. I believe YOU are making YOURSELF late. First by violating the law in my presence, and secondly by arguing with me about it, thereby delaying yourself further.

If you're in such a big all-fired hurry, just sign the ticket and move on. However, if you REALLY want to argue, I'll play,

I do, after all, have all day...


HonkingAntelope said...

Yup, once the officer writes the ticket, it's pretty much out of their hands even if you do happen to have a good excuse. Trying to argue after getting the ticket will not get you out of the ticket, but it WILL help the officer remember you, and it WILL encourage the officer to show up for court come hell or high water when you fight the citation.

Helpful hint: The officer needs your DL/insurance/registration to write the ticket. If you are going to ask for a break, ask politely as you hand over the papers. Also, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT if the officer only asks to see your license and not the other two papers - in my experience you're almost certainly getting let go if your license comes back clean once the officer runs it through.

Keep the shiny side up!

Front Porch Society said...

That phenomenon always made me chuckle. ;)

Jay said...

One day someone is going to say

“Good morning Officer. I know I did wrong and the fault is all mine. Here’s my paperwork and thanks for bringing this to my attention. Your actions have helped to keep me safe.”

They will probably still be late for their meeting as you will stand there in a stunned silence. So be prepared, I’m sure that day is coming as sure as I am that the Easter bunny will soon appear.

Michael said...

I was pulled over for running a stop sign and doing 25 in a 20 in a gated neighborhood at night (about 10-11 PM), the officer asked for my license, registration, and insurance. I first gave him my license, but when I went to look for the registration and insurance, i had trouble finding, though it was in the glovebox, it was somewhere inside the stack of papers that was also in there.

Just out of curiosity, was i about to get a ticket? after a minute or two of me shuffling through papers he said something like "don't worry about it" and just went off with my license. He did not write me a ticket, but gave me a formal warning (on a paper)

also, since its private property (gated neighborhoods are) could he have really written me a ticket? I once got into a small crash in a parking lot (of a store) and the 911 operator said they cant send a unit out since its private property.

Anonymous said...

Smith! I have returned to the land of the living! How is everything?

Officer "Smith" said...

VEGAS! What's up girlie?!


It HAS happened. I WAS stunned. They did NOT get a ticket.


25 in a 20? Even if you HAD gotten a ticket it wouldn't stand in court. No judge in his right mind would find you guilty unless it was foggy and 50 feet visibility or something similar.

As for collisions on private property, it depends on the agency. Some agencies will not come out for a non-injury collision on a city street. Other full service agencies will take a property damage collision on private property. It all depends.