Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, Goddammit, I DID Say That...

Time was running short this evening, and dinner (such as it was) was courtesy of McDonald's.

I went to our local McD to pick it up. When I approached the counter, my first clue that this was not going to be a pleasant outing should have been the fact that English was not the first language of the young lady behind the counter.

I ordered a regular sized number three, a regular sized number two, and a LARGE number nine. She gave me the total without repeating my order, which I should have caught, and handed me the receipt to sign for the credit card purchase.

I looked over the receipt and noticed all three meals were REGULAR size.

I informed the young lady that one of my meals should have been LARGE.

She replied "You didn't say that."

Excuse me? Did I not hear myself correctly? I am most certain that I said a LARGE number nine.

Customer service was obviously not her strong suit. When I worked retail, if I didn't hear someone say something, my reply was "I guess I missed that, I'm sorry" or "Ooops, I didn't hear that. Let me fix it."

I certainly never told a customer "You didn't say that."

The second clue came when I ordered a Caesar salad, and she asked me what kind of dressing I wanted. Huh? It's a CAESAR SALAD! What kind of dressing do you THINK I want? How about CAESAR DRESSING?!

Then to get home and realize I had been shorted a large french fry sealed the deal.

To make myself feel like I had at least accomplished SOMETHING this evening, I went out and brought the trash cans back in from the curb.

Now THAT'S progress...


Jack said...

That caesar salad comment happens to me all the time, not just at McD's. And I have the same reaction, caesar salad should have caesar dressing, that's why I ordered caesar salad.

Jay said...

Yesterday I took my young niece to Maccas as a special treat. I placed an order and the kid behind the counter mumbled a response. I gathered it referred to further refreshments or type of meal or size of meal. It's still a mystery but after a couple of attempts I managed to get a mumbled request for payment. I took this to mean that I had passed some sort of exam and that if I paid up food would be supplied. It was at this moment that his look of "I don't want to be here" changed to "Thank God that's over." I’m fairly sure English was his first language but it made no difference to his communication skills.
I hadn't been to McDonalds for years and, as they were generously donating a portion of their proceeds to charity, the place was packed out and uncomfortable. My niece on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed herself but she's a pre-schooler and was more than happy when we walked out with a helium filled balloon.

Cleanville Tziabatz said...

Sounds like they don't want your business. Now you know.

Sabra said...

I had a similar experience at the drive-through of a Jack in the Box a few months back. Part of my order was a large Diet Coke. I don't recall what all transpired anymore, but the capper was when she handed me a Dr. Pepper (I hate that soda) after I'd told her again AT THE WINDOW that I wanted a Diet Coke...and then argued with me about what I'd ordered.

And she didn't even have the excuse of being ESL.

support said...

Well I know the problem here...
1. She works at McDonalds.
2. Refer to number 1.