Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mechanism of Injury...

I was standing at a collision scene today, chatting with one of our Smithville firefighters while I waited for a tow. There was some pretty major damage to the vehicle in front of us. We were discussing assorted topics until there was a lull in the conversation.

Then he said it.

"That's some mechanism of injury right there."

We both started cracking up.

Then I began to wonder if we were laughing for the same reason.

Maybe he reads Motorcop and Happy Medic too...


Joshkie said...

Have you ever had someone tell you it was there fault.

I ask this, because I've only ever been in one accident with others or property involved.

I was driving down a long streach of road with my head up my ass eating french fries. Looked down to get another one when I looked up saw a car pulling out in front of me wondered why then noticed it was because I was running a red light.. I started to slow down and moved to swerve befind them still clipped them pretty good.
Got the vehicil stoped and moved over to the side of the road and put my flashers on.
I got out to go check on the other vehicle with my cellphone out ready to call 911.
Luckily no one was hurt badly.
I called 911 and exchanged and gave them my insurance info.
when the officer got there the other drive started to tell his side and I politly stoped him and infromed the officer that it was my fault that I was not paying attension and ran the red light and caused the accident. That the other driver was in way at fualt.

The officer was kind of taken back, I think. I'm not sure if this had hapened to him before. I could be reading into it though.

Just wondering,

MotorCop said...


The magic of the interwebs! Funny stuff, Smith!

Officer "Smith" said...


Yes, occasionally I do get a driver who admits they effed up.

More often than not, though, I have to figure out fault and cause myself based upon the evidence.