Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fighting for a Discount...

What's up with the select few service members who have been going on and on lately about military discounts.

Some throw a fit any time a business doesn't offer one, even to the point of posting a nasty comment on their Facebook page about it.

"I fought for your freedom, and you don't even want to give me a military discount."  Oooohh, I'm sorry.  So you paid $3.00 for a cup of shitty coffee instead of $2.70.  Thirty cents is going to bankrupt you.

I see some have even taken to sending messages to their local news outlet any time they feel slighted by a business, and this has resulted in a couple of curbside protests against said businesses.

It's really starting to piss me off.  I'm beginning to wonder if these people joined the Army to be a patriot and fight for our freedom, or to demand a military discount on everything.  Maybe they joined to get attention.

When I was in the Army, I was in.  When I was out, I was out.  If people thanked me for my service, I thanked them back.  If they said nothing, I carried on with my business.  It is what it is.

When you turn 65, hit those businesses up for your Senior Citizen discount.  Everyone has one of those, and if you're living on Social Security you'll almost certainly need it.

Until then, don't make such a big deal of it...


Murphy's Law said...

I have no bones about throwing a soldier in uniform a bone, and back in my day I rarely if ever wrote one a money ticket, but once you're out, you're out. (And sign here, press hard, please.) If one wants the recognition of one's service to continue indefinitely, all one needs do is continue to re-enlist.

The Old Man said...

Hoo-ah. I enlisted for a reason - and it wasn't to bitch. Try getting hired in 1971 with 2 tours of 'Nam on your c.v. if you need to feed the "poor-me s"

Moose said...

People feel they are always entitled to something for free. I'm not sure where this trend came from. I hate it.

I see it in comments about restaurants. If a restaurant doesn't offer things like bread, salad, or soup for free, people get all up in arms, as if they've been horribly wronged.

There's a great Futurama episode where Fry & Bender join the military to get a 5% discount on a pack of gum and wind up as part of the invasion force of another planet. The best part of the episode is when Bender gets injured and they take him to a MASH. They got the guy who did the PA voice-overs on the original MASH tv show to do some.

There you go. Your surreality for the day, kind sir.

[And, of course, thank you for your service, and doing it for your country, not your discounts.]

Hegstrom said...


US Navy veteran
Age 55, happy to accept the senior discounts