Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Retirement...

It really frosts me when people attack my retirement system.  Just because not everyone has as good of a retirement system as we do, it does not mean we are crooks, thieves, greedy or any of the other derogatory terms people throw around to describe public servants.

We do a job most people are unable or unwilling to do, and we make far less than folks who sit behind a desk all day in those glass towers in the big city.  We work our asses off to protect you, the citizens of our jurisdictions.  We go out every day and put ourselves in harms way to do things the members of the common populace are unable or unwilling to do for themselves.  We do jobs most do not want to do.

We ride around with a big target on our backs simply because of the badge on our chest.  We are automatically a target to some, because we have sworn to protect the many.  We have to deal on a daily basis with people "motherfucking" us because they are not happy with what we're telling them, and we have to do so without ripping their heads off.  We go into the messy crime scenes that would make most people puke.

I am DAMNED thankful for the paycheck I get every two weeks, and the health coverage I have because I could be bothered to take on full-time, gainful employment.

If we are fortunate enough to make it to retirement age, we have earned every red cent of what we get.  If you want to attack someone for their retirement system, why not start with your legislators or the top executives who get bonuses even when their company burns down a neighborhood.

Leave my retirement out of it...


Expatriate Owl said...

I know nothing about the terms and conditions of your particular retirement arrangements, but, in general, the pension check collected by the public servant who serves honestly and diligently in a merit system bureaucracy, and who retires in good faith, without fraud, after years of service, cannot usually be said to be an unfair windfall.

There are, to be sure, many public employee pensions which seem to be overly munificent. Such situations stem from the failure of the government-side negotiators to zealously assert the taxpaying public's interests at the negotiating table. [N.B. The "taxpaying public" includes the public employees themselves.].

The union negotiators always have a clear idea of why they are at the table, who their constituents are, and what they need to do for their constituents. The fawning obsequiousness of the government negotiators, and the resulting pension expenses which must be borne by the public, are certainly not the fault of the pensioners.

Jerry Blackett said...

I would also like to point out a public servent is required to go out in all kinds of bad weather, called to go out at all times of night and, like it or not, work holidays.

Jay said...

Well said