Friday, September 26, 2014

Cop Signs

I'm not big on working stop signs, but there is one stop sign in town I absolutely enjoy working.

I call it the COP sign.

The stop sign in question is one of four at this particular four way intersection.  Yes, that means it's a four way stop.

I can sit there in plain sight and stop car after car as they drive right through the stop sign at 10 MPH.  Unless they see me.  If they look left and see me sitting there they will jam on the binders and skid halfway through the crosswalk.

Cars at this intersection don't stop for the stop sign.  They stop for the cop.

Hence, the cop sign...

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Moose said...

I used to live near a 4-way-stop sign in a very residential area. Everyone blew it. The cops barely stopped at all. I had to wait for a bus every morning by that stop sign, and there were more than a few times that I thought about stepping right in the crosswalk every time I saw a cop car coming, just to see if s/he would actually stop. I never did, though, because I was never sure if I wouldn't have become road kill. My former city had some fantastic cops, but as everywhere, the really bad ones were really bad [and got all the press].

I didn't have a car then, but I do now. I'm usually very careful at 4-way-stop signs, but not for the reason you'd think. Where I live now the bicycle riders don't even slow down for stop signs. Apparently every one of them is sure that they are immortal and that cars will magically stop for them. If you stupidly assume that they will slow down or stop and try to keep going, and nearly hit them, they will immediately come over and start screaming and threatening you. Since there is no licensing of bicycles or their riders, there's no recourse but, of course, they now know your car and its license tag. Gee. My tire wasn't flat yesterday.

I used to be very supportive of bicycle riders. Now I'm thinking of buying a bbgun. [Ok, not really. Maybe a sucker-dart gun instead.]