Monday, June 19, 2017

HTC Bolt and Sprint "Customer Care"

So, it sucks to make this my first post in several years, but since Sprint sees fit to remove all reviews of this piece of shit phone from their web site, I have no other forum.

In November (2016) I "upgraded" my phone to an HTC Bolt.  The same day, before I even got home with it, there was a dead line of pixels down the screen.  I took the phone back to the Sprint Store the next day, and by then it had two dead lines.  The Sprint Store replaced the phone without a problem.

Fast forward five months, and after working slowly, but at least still working, the screen on the Bolt went tits up.  It would not even come on half the time.  The phone still worked, but there was nothing displayed on the screen.  So I did what any responsible phone owner would do...  I took it to the Sprint repair store to see what my insurance would do for me.

So the repair guys at the Emeryville Sprint Store are awesome.  Brain and Andrew handled the replacement of my phone.  A refurbished phone was ordered and arrived a couple days later, so I made the trek down to the store to have it activated.

Dead, right out of the box.  The screen on the replacement phone would not even come on.  The phone powered on and started talking like HTC phones do, but the screen was dead.  So, yet another phone ordered.  Number four arrived Friday and Andrew checked it to make sure it worked before I wasted another trip to the store.  When the phone powered up and seemed right, I went to the store and picked it up.

Two days later I'm walking around in Target, and I pick my phone up to look at something.  I'm damned if I can remember what I was going to look at, because THE FUCKING SCREEN WOULDN'T COME ON!

Andrew recommended calling Sprint Customer Care to see if they could do something, because otherwise I would either get the same model of phone or a step down.  So today, I called Sprint.  After three hours on the phone with four people in the Philippines and two more here in the U.S. of A. I learn that there is absolutely nothing Sprint is willing to do for me.

My options?  I can take the phone downgrade from the insurance while continuing to pay off the Bolt I will no longer have, or...

I can pay $340 to pay off the Bolt and then pay again for another upgrade, or...

I can pay that $340 and cancel my Sprint service.

I find it very telling that when I look on the Sprint web site, there are absolutely no reviews for this piece of shit phone, after hearing from the repair guys that there are constant problems with the Bolt.  And yet, Sprint continues to sell them in their stores and won't even allow customers to see reviews online.

After having been a Sprint customer for over fifteen years, I find myself eyeing Verizon.  Thanks Sprint. 

Once this phone is paid off you'll never see another dime from me...


glasslass said...

Glad to see a post. Don't know a thing about Bolt but Sprint and I have gone toe to toe more than once. My favorite was the end of the contract. Contacted Sprint via snail mail, email and phone to make my point clear that I no longer desired their service. They turned off the service and I went on with a different carrier. Six months later I received a collection notice for payment past the end of the contract. Lots of talking, screaming, later I finally gave up and now there is a $730 collection on my credit report. It can stay there until I die as I will never pay it. They state that I did not notify them with a letter sent via registered mail as emails will not suffice.

celeste said...

If you switch providers, many will pay off the leftover cost of your previous phone/plan. Worth checking out.

Unknown said...

You saved my ass, I was about to switch to Sprint

Nicole Winter said...

It's good to visit your blog and see that you are alive and not died.

Officer "Smith" said...

glasslass, that sounds like my experience with EarthLink when I dumped them a few years back!

Unknown, glad I could help.

Nicole, I'm still alive and kicking. Thanks for checking in!