Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Public Service Announcement...

I dropped in at my local off-duty Starbucks this morning, and when I drove in to the parking lot I saw this...

We call this an "FBI clue".  Something so obvious ANYONE should be able to figure it out.  When you see a pile of broken window glass on the pavement it is a pretty good indication the last schmuck who parked there left his laptop bag or her purse in the car, the window got broken and their shit got stolen.

Where I work we take these all the time.  Like daily.  SEVERAL TIMES daily.

I've heard all the excuses....

"It's too inconvenient to take my bag in with me."  Is it more inconvenient than paying for the $200 broken window and replacing your iPad?  Maybe you're just too lazy to carry it in?

"I was only in there for a minute!"  And your shit was in the wind in seconds!  It takes no time for a bad guy to smash your window and grab your stuff.

"There was nothing valuable in my bag."  Please, tell me how the bad guys know that?  From outside your car.  Looking in through the window.  They don't, nor do they care.  All they see is a bag in a car that may or may not contain a laptop.  It costs them nothing to smash your window and find out.

"But my windows are tinted."  Okay.  Can you see out through those tinted windows?  Well, guess what.  The bad guys can see in too.

While I have to at least appear concerned when I'm dealing with "victims" of theft, it is difficult to sympathize with them.  But when I suggest that they should have taken their stuff with them, and NOT in the tone I use here, believe me, the responses I get are astounding.

It should be common sense folks, although it seem it is not so common these days.

With the advent of the effective decriminalization of misdemeanors thanks to our California voters, these vehicle burglaries have skyrocketed.  There is really no consequence to being a thief anymore, so now it is upon you, the people, to protect your stuff by not leaving it in your car.

Otherwise, it will be upon us, law enforcement, to come out and take your report so you can make your insurance claims and raise all our rates.

And don't think just because you live in Atherton, or Kensington, or Beverly Fucking Hills you'll be immune to this.

Don't be that guy...

Monday, October 30, 2017

Victor! Are You Still Alive?!

YES, I'm still alive!

Perhaps I may have used that title before, but to be honest, it's been so damned long I don't remember.

Does anyone even read this blog anymore?

Would it be worthwhile to post things on here now and then or has this poor neglected page fallen off everyone's radar?

Someone let me know, eh?


Monday, June 19, 2017

HTC Bolt and Sprint "Customer Care"

So, it sucks to make this my first post in several years, but since Sprint sees fit to remove all reviews of this piece of shit phone from their web site, I have no other forum.

In November (2016) I "upgraded" my phone to an HTC Bolt.  The same day, before I even got home with it, there was a dead line of pixels down the screen.  I took the phone back to the Sprint Store the next day, and by then it had two dead lines.  The Sprint Store replaced the phone without a problem.

Fast forward five months, and after working slowly, but at least still working, the screen on the Bolt went tits up.  It would not even come on half the time.  The phone still worked, but there was nothing displayed on the screen.  So I did what any responsible phone owner would do...  I took it to the Sprint repair store to see what my insurance would do for me.

So the repair guys at the Emeryville Sprint Store are awesome.  Brain and Andrew handled the replacement of my phone.  A refurbished phone was ordered and arrived a couple days later, so I made the trek down to the store to have it activated.

Dead, right out of the box.  The screen on the replacement phone would not even come on.  The phone powered on and started talking like HTC phones do, but the screen was dead.  So, yet another phone ordered.  Number four arrived Friday and Andrew checked it to make sure it worked before I wasted another trip to the store.  When the phone powered up and seemed right, I went to the store and picked it up.

Two days later I'm walking around in Target, and I pick my phone up to look at something.  I'm damned if I can remember what I was going to look at, because THE FUCKING SCREEN WOULDN'T COME ON!

Andrew recommended calling Sprint Customer Care to see if they could do something, because otherwise I would either get the same model of phone or a step down.  So today, I called Sprint.  After three hours on the phone with four people in the Philippines and two more here in the U.S. of A. I learn that there is absolutely nothing Sprint is willing to do for me.

My options?  I can take the phone downgrade from the insurance while continuing to pay off the Bolt I will no longer have, or...

I can pay $340 to pay off the Bolt and then pay again for another upgrade, or...

I can pay that $340 and cancel my Sprint service.

I find it very telling that when I look on the Sprint web site, there are absolutely no reviews for this piece of shit phone, after hearing from the repair guys that there are constant problems with the Bolt.  And yet, Sprint continues to sell them in their stores and won't even allow customers to see reviews online.

After having been a Sprint customer for over fifteen years, I find myself eyeing Verizon.  Thanks Sprint. 

Once this phone is paid off you'll never see another dime from me...

Monday, May 23, 2016


I was working speeders on Friday at a spot I haven't worked in quite a few months.

It's fun to see people, after that amount of time, still glancing over as they drive by to see if I'm there.

Yup!  I'm there...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different....

This is not entirely a police related topic, but it still irks me.

When did pajama bottoms and flip-flops become proper public attire? Every day I see people wearing their freakin' bed clothes to the store, to restaurants, and even to school. WTF? And I'm not just talking about teenagers either. I see grown adults dropping their kids off for school or grocery shopping while wearing pajama bottoms. I even saw a gal the other day wearing SLIPPERS for crying out loud.

Then you see the women who think it's "sexy" to let their pajama bottoms sag down so low it shows off their ass fault. This is not sexy, it's slovenly. It makes me want to tell these people to put some clothes on.

It seems that the people who dress in this fashion are also the ones who have a fashionable attitude. If you comment on their clothing, they snap back at you as if it's none of your business how they dress. IT IS MY BUSINESS! I HAVE TO LOOK AT YOUR ASS STANDING IN LINE IN FRONT OF ME!

Then there's the stuff parents wear when they're taking their kids to school. I saw a guy just this morning who was wearing a t-shirt that said "DON'T GIVE" with a picture of a rat, holding a leash, attached to a donkey. What kind of message are we sending when we take our first grader to school while we are wearing a t-shirt that says we don't give a rat's ass?

Last week it was a mother wearing a "Camel Towing" t-shirt. And don't even get me started on the giant marijuana leaves. These are the people who wonder why the police pay so much attention to them. Give me a freakin' break. It makes me want to get a t-shirt that says "You're an idiot", but then again, I don't want to reduce myself to their level.

What has our society become when people feel that they can do whatever they want, then blame it on someone else when they are called on it?


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pinching Pennies...

On a recent trip to our friendly neighborhood traffic court, I overheard a defendant say to the commissioner "I was hoping, since this is my first offense, the fine could be lowered."

Funny thing is, the fine for a first offense IS lower than for subsequent offenses.

I guess it's your lucky day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Any Questions?

There seems to be a disconnect in the brains of people who come into our traffic court.  They don't seem to understand the difference between a question and a statement.

When the commissioner asks "Do you have questions of the officer?", almost every defendant, every day starts out with something similar to "Yes.  So, what had happened was, there I was, driving along and minding my own business....."

It's basic English folks.  Questions begin with who, what, where, why, how, is it true that, etc...

If you have no questions, simply say "No, I don't have any questions, I'd just like to tell my side of the story."

It's really not rocket surgery...