Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Here for the Long Run.... Until I Finish Probation...

In this state, a police officer is not fully "certified" until he or she has completed a probation period. Then the officer receives their Basic Certificate. If an officer leaves the department and goes to a different department before their probation is complete, it is as if that officer has not been a police officer. They are required to go through the complete field training program again.

After an officer completes probation and receives a Basic Certificate, that officer can then "lateral" to another agency and is not required to complete the field training program again.

It really pisses me off when someone gets hired by a police department (any department, not just mine), gets put through the academy, passes FTO, passes probation, then promptly jumps ship and goes to another department.

My agency thought enough of me to pay my way through the academy, and to pay ME while I was in the academy. Then they put me through field training and a probation period, all of which cost them money. I would not even consider leaving my department until I had been there for at least four or five years. They need to get their money's worth out of me.

When an officer leaves after one year, they are burning bridges. I hope they really like where they are going, because they are less likely to get a job elsewhere later, and they will not be coming back to us.

After an agency puts that much money into training a person, it just seems like a shitty thing to do.

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