Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Driver...

Dear Driver,

In response to your statements this morning:

1) I did not tow your car because I don't like you. I towed it because your license is suspended and you knew it.

2) No, I do not have to give you a ride home. You live in the next city. You can walk or take a taxi or bus.

3) If something happens to you while you are trying to find a way home, I am not responsible. You cannot sue me. You are an adult and I do not have any responsibility to protect you after you are out of my control.

4) No, I did not stop you just because you are not white. As I attempted to explain to you while you continuously interrupted me, I stopped you because you were driving 41 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone, passing other vehicles like they were parked. You didn't want to hear that for some reason. Maybe because you would have to stop throwing accusations at me.

5) I am not the one who made your life difficult. I did not tell you to drive with a suspended license. I was not in your house this morning whispering in your ear that you should go out and drive today. I did not tell you to speed. You made that decision. YOU made your OWN life more difficult. I just happened to catch you before you could t-bone a mini-van full of kids.

6) Finally, I do not hate Mexicans. I had no idea you were Mexican until you told me, and I still have doubts. Had you not told me, I would have known nothing more than that you were Hispanic. I was a bit perturbed by your refusal to accept responsibility for your own actions, but I did not and do not hate you.

Maybe, when the tears stop and you are once again rational, (assuming you are, in fact, a rational person) you will take the time to read this. Of course you surely won't believe it. It doesn't fit your apparent perception of the police.

All police are corrupt to you. You told me so yourself. We do everything we do for no other reason than to make life difficult for minorities. Remember saying that? You aren't the first person who has made those very same statements.

In summary, it is not my fault your car got impounded. It was your fault. You chose to drive while your license was suspended. You chose to speed in my city. I just caught you.

It is truly sad that you feel the need to blame others for your mistakes. And I am without a doubt not the only person you will tell.

You are 31 years old. Grow up.


Officer "Smith"
Smithville PD


Leslie said...

A hearty "amen" to that! :)

Bigfootcookie said...

Damm right. Take responsibility for your own actions, and then you will realise you have no one else to blame but yourself.

But that wouldn't fit into vast swathes of the populations mentality who "blame the man" and then shirk all personal responsibility.

How did the world get this pathetic so quickly?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen. But according to the Liberals
every minority is a victim.

TheBronze said...

Uh least one person (the violator) knows who you are!

Officer "Smith" said...

I highly doubt she reads this... if she can even read... Did I say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

*sigh* if we could only SAY it like that.....LOL

Gigi said...

if only they made an anti-stupid pill...

Officer "Smith" said...

I mean really, it's not like any of this actually happened, right?

The Bus Driver said...

what do you mean?? of COURSE its YOUR fault... its ALWAYS your fault!!!! /end sarcasm -grinz-

I get alot of this from the kids i drive on a daily basis. "you're just picking on me because i'm........." NOW i know where they get it!! LOL

Easily Lost said...

Yet another reason I am glad I don't deal with the public on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the guy I arrested for DUI (0.249 ~ driving down the center line of the road) told me that 'I !!' am costing him his job, his house and his marriage because I am arresting him. Yep. My fault.

That's why this world is this way. People DO NOT accept responsibility for their own actions. I remember falling off skateboards, tripping over my own big feet, etc. I never, EVER, thought about suing the skateboard or shoe company (i.e. Croks). WTH?

I almost cried the other morning when I was working an injury accident. The woman who caused the accident was crying, asking me if the other driver was ok. She was sobbing "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't see him coming." I almost never have people own up to anything. As sad as it was, it was refreshing to know there are still good people out there.

*Goddess* said...

I like it when people on Speeders say, "I cannot afford to get another ticket," and yet their behavior behind the wheel never changes.