Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Public Service Announcement...

I dropped in at my local off-duty Starbucks this morning, and when I drove in to the parking lot I saw this...

We call this an "FBI clue".  Something so obvious ANYONE should be able to figure it out.  When you see a pile of broken window glass on the pavement it is a pretty good indication the last schmuck who parked there left his laptop bag or her purse in the car, the window got broken and their shit got stolen.

Where I work we take these all the time.  Like daily.  SEVERAL TIMES daily.

I've heard all the excuses....

"It's too inconvenient to take my bag in with me."  Is it more inconvenient than paying for the $200 broken window and replacing your iPad?  Maybe you're just too lazy to carry it in?

"I was only in there for a minute!"  And your shit was in the wind in seconds!  It takes no time for a bad guy to smash your window and grab your stuff.

"There was nothing valuable in my bag."  Please, tell me how the bad guys know that?  From outside your car.  Looking in through the window.  They don't, nor do they care.  All they see is a bag in a car that may or may not contain a laptop.  It costs them nothing to smash your window and find out.

"But my windows are tinted."  Okay.  Can you see out through those tinted windows?  Well, guess what.  The bad guys can see in too.

While I have to at least appear concerned when I'm dealing with "victims" of theft, it is difficult to sympathize with them.  But when I suggest that they should have taken their stuff with them, and NOT in the tone I use here, believe me, the responses I get are astounding.

It should be common sense folks, although it seems it is not so common these days.

With the advent of the effective decriminalization of misdemeanors thanks to our California voters, these vehicle burglaries have skyrocketed.  There is really no consequence to being a thief anymore, so now it is upon you, the people, to protect your stuff by not leaving it in your car.

Otherwise, it will be upon us, law enforcement, to come out and take your report so you can make your insurance claims and raise all our rates.

And don't think just because you live in Atherton, or Kensington, or Beverly Fucking Hills you'll be immune to this.

Don't be that guy...

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