Friday, October 26, 2012

Road Closed... Detour...

Now it's time for yet another hypothetical situation brought to you by Officer "Smith".

So, let's say, hypothetically of course, you are driving down a street in Anytown USA, and you happen to come upon the following hypothetical scene.

What to do?

The correct response would be to turn left, as the hypothetical detour sign is hypothetically telling you to do.

The INCORRECT response would be to continue driving between the signs until you come nose to nose with the construction truck parked at the other end of the block, at which point you either have to back your hypothetical car AAAAAAAALLLLLLL the way back up the block, or turn around in a hypothetical driveway and drive back up the block the wrong way.

Apparently this is too difficult of a concept for the hypothetical driver who was driving ahead of me just before I took this photo.  He drove between the signs, came nose to nose with the truck, and backed all the way out.

Some people think if there's an opening it must be okay for them to drive that way, signs be damned.  It simply doesn't occur to them that the opening is left for the people who live in the block.  These are probably the same people who drive through flare patterns and around patrol cars.  It takes all kinds.



Murphy's Law said...

Sounds like a good reason to issue a few hypothetical tickets.

*Goddess* said...


I guessed wrong.

I thought the correct answer was "flag down a cop and ask him what's going on over there...."

Jeff said...

Hypothetically people are suppose to have something between the ears but that is not always the case.

Anonymous said...

It is real simple that sign say road closed take a different route